System Simulation

AVL CRUISE™ M is the automotive-industry-tailored system simulation software. It has been designed to deal with the complexity of today’s and future powertrains, supporting a wide range of applications in the areas of:

Powertrain concept and energy management analysis
Concept investigation and virtual benchmarking of different powertrain architectures and detailed analysis of the energy flow between energy sources and vehicle motion.

Engine-Related Vehicle System Simulation

Gas exchange and combustion analysis of the IC Engine, allowing the prediction of performance and fuel consumption.

Aftertreatment-Related Vehicle System Simulation

Consistent modeling of all physics and chemistry relevant to exhaust gas aftertreatment systems during all stages of the development process.

Transmission-Related Vehicle System Simulation

Modeling and analysis of advanced transmission configurations like DCT, AT, AMT, CVT and any other innovative transmission configuration.

E-Drive and Battery Related Vehicle System Simulation
Simulation of electrical drivelines considering e-motor, inverter and battery with the focus on performance, driving range and thermal integration.

Control Unit-Related Vehicle System Simulation

Supporting the development of different control units (xCUs) by integration capabilities from MiL to SiL to HiL.

자산 발행인

Empower Virtualization

Model Based Development

Due to the increasing complexity of today’s and future powertrains, Model Based Development, combining the virtual and real worlds, is the key to...

Frontload your E-Development Process

효율적인 에너지 관리를 위한 시뮬레이션

AVL은 점점 더 복잡해지는 새로운 전동화 파워트레인의 차량 에너지 관리 시스템(VEMS) 분석을 지원하는 포괄적인 시뮬레이션 환경을 지원합니다. AVL은 고객의 특정 요구 조건에 최적의 설정을 달성할 수 있도록 지원하는 원활한 개발 프로세스를 수립합니다. ...
AVL CRUISE™ and AVL CRUISE™ M deliver the right system plant model fidelity for a wide range of testing applications such as Engine testbed,...

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Simulation for Electrification

Now more than ever, it is imperative for engineers to look for new and inventive solutions to deliver fuel efficient clean vehicles. The AVL...