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Predictably powerful
AVL Marine

Innovative emission solutions for new market segments

Market segments relying on powertrain technology face an array of challenges. But the demand for clean propulsion, the shortage and rising costs of fossil fuels, and the drive for performance and efficiency aren’t confined to road-vehicles. Furthermore, with forthcoming legislation, such as the new SULPHUR CAP 2020, the marine sector will also be required to reduce its emissions by 25%.

The AVL Solution
At AVL Marine, we are committed to using our seven decades of powertrain development expertise to help make transportation cleaner and more efficient. With our network of experts and our global infrastructure, we are well-placed to deliver innovative engineering, simulation and testing solutions to all market segments. Today this includes the marine sector, too.

This means that we are bringing our years of know-how and expertise to all customer groups within the shipping industry. Our aim is to support this market sector in achieving its ambitious emission reduction and efficiency improvement targets.

Our offerings are not limited to traditional propulsion technologies, but cover all types of powertrain configurations and development processes. We are enabling the marine sector to take giant leaps forward with solutions in the areas of:

  • Digital solutions
  • Hybridization and electrification of ships
  • Field services and support
  • Ship energy and emission control solutions to meet stringent legislation
  • Fuel and energy services
  • Operation optimization

Low Risk, High Performance, Big Opportunities
Our advanced simulation competence enables us to build and refine large engines in the computer before a penny has been spent creating hardware prototypes. Moreover, our advanced data solutions reduce development times substantially, reducing the cost and risk of developing new engine concepts for this market.

With our engineers working in more than 50 countries around the world, we are ready to support the transformation of the marine sector with our innovative methods. Are you ready to join us?