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Pressure Sensors for Combustion Analysis

Sensors for measuring cylinder pressures, pressures of the intake and exhaust pipes as well as in high pressure injection lines. 

AVL Solution

To measure precisely the cylinder pressure is fundamental for accurate engine indicating. AVL uses the best temperature and pressure resistant materials as well as novel design features to achieve the world famous excellent measurement precision from AVL.

Your Benefits

  • Suitable for all kinds of fuels like gasoline, diesel, gas, heavy oil and others
  • For highest pressures and temperatures present in e.g. supercharged engines
  • Use of our world-class piezoelectric crystals breaded at AVL headquarters
  • Compatibility and upgradeability to other brands
  • World smallest and best performing spark-plugs with integrated pressure sensors

Overview over all AVL indicating pressure sensors

The complex combustion processes inside combustion engines require to measure the gas and fluid pressures at many different positions and physical conditions. AVL offers for this purpose several different pressure sensors for every specific task.

The following table is a short overview over the complete pressure sensor portfolio from AVL. Detailed technical information can be found in the tab-section “Download” and in the sensor catalog


Description Applications Products


These sensors
measures the pressure
inside the combustion
chamber. Installation
can be done either via
spark-plug and glow-
plug adaptors or via an
separate indicating
bore inside the cylinder
Beside the wide variety
of different sensors of
the portfolio we offer on
demand custom
tailored solutions for
spark-plugs and glow-
plugs as well.
R&D, especially:
  •  for all common fuels
  •  racing,
  •  on-board
  •  supercharged engines
  •  large engines
  • GH14D
  • GH14DK
  • GH15D
  • GH15DK
  • GR14D
  • GH11C
  • GH12P
  • GH13P
  • GH13Z-24
  • GH13Z-31
  • GU21D
  • GU22C
  • GU22CK
  • GU22CKA
  • GG22C
  • GU24D
  • GH13G
  • ZI21
  • ZI31
  • QC34C
  • QC34D
  • QC43D


 For pressure measurement in the intake and exhaust pipes of combustion engines. The piezoelectric sensor allows much higher accuracy than common peizoresistive solutions.
 R&D, especially:
  • gas exchange analysis
  • supercharged GDI
  • turbocharged engines
  • large engines
  • GU21C and AE02
  • LP11DA
  • customized
    solutions on request


 Measures the fluid pressure in injection lines or can be used the measure the pressure in hydraulic lines as well. Available for all pressure classes up to 4000 bar.
   R&D, especially:
  •  gasoline injection
  •  diesel injection
  •  hydraulic systems
  • HP21DA-300
  • HP21DA-3000


These sensors can be used in long-term and permanent installation for non-stop engine monitoring. Their strength is the fusion of robustness and measurement stability.
  • non-stop monitoring
  • R&D
  • large engines
  • Endurance testing
  • On-board     measurement
  • GO31D
  • GO31DA
  • GO31DI
  • GO41D
  • GO41DA
  • GO41DI


Measurement TaskCylinder Pressure
Gallium Orthophosphate
Patented unique crystal material

Today, GaPO4 is by far the best suited piezoelectric material to be used in sensor applications. It has a combination of several unique properties that make it the first choice. It has unparalleled stability up to a temperature of 970°C with twice the sensitivity of quartz and performs better with respect to sensitivity shifts if compared to Langasite crystals. The outstanding stability of GaPO4 gives AVL the ability to produce pressure sensors which show excellent measurement behavior, even at high temperatures and pressures. The piezoelectric properties enable thermal shock resistant pressure sensors. The inherent physical rigidity of GaPO4 allows the realization of excellent signal qualities in very compact designs.
Double Shell
Mechanically decouples the crystals from the housing for
premium signal quality

The piezoelectric elements are supposed to measure only the pressure changes which are caused by the combustion process. Due to their high sensitivity, these elements are also susceptible to any other kind of applied pressure. For example, the mechanical stress which occurs due to mounting the sensor into the mounting bore of the engine can cause a misreading of the combustion pressure. The Double Shell™ is a special design feature which allows isolation of the piezoelectric measuring elements from any of these negative influences and helps to ensure absolute measurement precision.

SDM Sensor Data Management

Increasing efficiency due to organized

SDM guarantees end-to-end automated data transfer and thus ensures error free measurements. This solution covers the complete measurement chain running from the sensor to the post-processing software. AVL Sensor Data Management™ SDM consists of several hardware and software components:
  • SID Sensor Identification (see picture top left)
  • SIC Sensor Identification Cable (see picture top right)
  • SDC Sensor Data Connector (see picture bottom left)
  • SDB Sensor Data Base (see picture bottom right)


Each measurement task and application requires a specific solution to achieve maximum precision and high quality data. In order to make the choice of the right equipment more convenient, AVL offers several selection tools.

The PDF documents below are a short excerpt of the chapter „Product Selection Guide“ in the sensor catalog. Please refer to it via the PDF document Sensor_Catalog_2010.pdf


Decision tree for cylinder pressure sensors
Which cylinder pressure sensor is typically best suited to a certain application.

Download: Decision_Tree.pdf
Comparison chart of sensor specifications
To get an overview of the portfolio of pressure sensors, this chart can be used to compare a selected sensor with others. The most important features and parameters are listed for all pressure sensors.

Download: Comparison_Chart.pdf
Accessory configuration chart
The chart below helps to identify the compatible accessory parts with a specific pressure sensor. It can also be used to get information about whether a tool or component for a previously obtained sensor can be used for a new sensor type as well.

Download: Accessory_Configuration_Chart.pdf
Glow-Plug Design Spezification

This form assists to define all required specifications for a custom specific glow-plug sensor solution.

Download: Glow-Plug Design Spezification.pdf


   GH14D  Download: AT3363E.pdf
 GH14DK  Download: AT3364E.pdf
 GH15D  Download: AT3365E.pdf
 GH15DK  Download: AT3773E.pdf
 GR14D  Download: AT3366E.pdf
 GH12P  Download: AT3367E.pdf
 GH13P  Download: AT3368E.pdf
 GH14P  Download: AT3993E.pdf
 GH13Z-24  Download: AT3369E.pdf
 GH13Z-31  Download: AT3370E.pdf
 GU21D  Download: AT3371E.pdf
 GU22C  Download: AT3372E_GU22C.pdf
 GU22CK  Download: AT3391E_GU22CK.pdf
 GU22CKA  Download: AT5097E_GU22CKA.pdf
 GG22C  Download: AT3373E_GG22C.pdf
 GU24D  Download: AT3374E.pdf
 GH13G  Download: AT3375E.pdf
 ZI21  Download: AT3376E_ZI21.pdf
 ZI31  Download: AT3377E_ZI31.pdf
 QC34C  Download: AT3378E.pdf
 QC34D  Download: AT3379E.pdf
 QC43D  Download: AT3380E.pdf
 LP11DA  Download: AT4079E.pdf
 GO31D  Download: AT3384E.pdf
 GO31DA  Download: AT3385E_GO31DA.pdf
 GO41D  Download: AT3386E.pdf
 GO41DA  Download: AT3387E_GO41DA.pdf


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