AVL Open Trainings

AVL Open Training courses provide the perfect environment for fast and efficient learning. Participants from different customers are focusing on gaining knowledge on defined topics at fixed dates.

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What is special about Open Trainings?

AVL generally offers “Dedicated Training Courses” for a designated customer with a maximum number of six participants. “Open Training Courses”, on the other hand, are open to participants coming from various customers. By only paying per trainee instead of for a complete training class, companies can save on training costs if they only need to train between one and three employees on a topic.

Your Advantages

  • Easy Planning: The training dates and venues are fixed in advance
  • Flexibility: Participants can choose between several training dates for one topic
  • Cost saving: Customers only pay per trainee instead of for a complete training class

Our Open Trainings

We invite you to explore our Open Training offerings listed by product in the tabs below. A detailed description of the respective training content is available by clicking on the selected Open Training course.

Participants are enrolled on a first-come, first-serve basis. The total number of participants for a training ranges from a min. of 4 to max. 6 persons. We offer trainings both in English and German - check out the course details below and select the course that suits your needs best.

Do you have any further questions? Please contact us at; we are pleased to assist you!