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Motorcycles and all kinds of power products as well as recreational products used on water, air and solid ground demanding best suitable technology and perfect quality but still at highly attractive cost.

Products & Services

Compact indicating systems designed for mobile combustion development and calibration tasks
The AVL DynoPerform Dynamometers are dry gap eddy current dynamometers with a drum rotor design, which are suitable for a wide range of applications.
The importance for emission-free mobility especially in congested city traffic is recognized in Asia, and especially in China where only electrified 2-Wheeler are permitted to enter downtown traffic area. A similar trend also can be seen in Europe, not only for electric bicycles, but also strong public interest for electric mopeds and strong e-Bikes. The electrified 2-Wheeler offers a very big potential in this specific attempt for environmental friendly mobility as well as convenience and...
New regulations and the high competition in all major leagues lead to a permanent quest for innovations and new solutions. Based on the long history in technology leadership for powertrain engineering, testing and simulation, AVL offers dynamometers for different engines and test procedures for Racing Testing. High measuring accuracy and dynamic control are a must for AVL.
The DynoRoad Series is a foot-mounted AC-Dynamometer with a wide power range dedicated for automotive engine testing.
The DynoExact Series is a cradle-mounted AC-Dynamometer with a wide power range and an outstanding torque measuring accuracy and control stability. The torque measurement is performed by means of a bending beam.
The increasing complexity of modern powertrains is placing increasing demands on the Instrumentation and Test Systems. Parallel development activities of key powertrain components (combustion engine, hybrid engine, transmission, etc.) require transmission and drivetrain testing activities at the earliest possible stage. Validating the drivetrain in an early development phase requires test methods where as much system functions as possible can be tested without the combustion engine and...
With more than 60 years of experience in the manufacturing of dynamometers and hydraulic dynamometers, AVL ZÖLLNER MARINE is an expert in this field in terms of both technology and customer service.
AVL DynoSpirit systems for E-motor testing consist of an extremely compact synchronous motor and a power cabinet primed for highest dynamic torque and speed control, especially at lowest revs.