Engine Production

From process analysis via planning and development to the construction of the holistic test system

Engine Production

AVL as reliable cooperation partner supporting customers to ensure the production quality during the production and manufacturing process of combustion engines. The increasing complexity in combustion engines requires a consistent and smart test methodology and test technology considering the manufacturing and assembling processes related to modern engine technologies.
All Solutions

AVL Approach

Comprehensive understanding of the test mechanism and the leading system solution experience is our key. Solutions for all segments like light duty-, mid duty and heavy duty engines complete the portfolio. Depending on the engine technologies and boundary conditions of production, different quality concepts are to be applied. AVL end of line systems are best delivered as container systems and can be integrated into an existing production environment quick and easy by means of well-defined interfaces.


Examples for supported standard solutions:

  • Engine Hot Loaded/Unloaded
  • End of Line Engine Quality Audit Test System
  • End Of Line Engine Cold Test
  • End of Line Cold Turbo Charger Test System
  • Conformity of Production Test System (COP)
  • In Process Verification Test System (IPV)

Benefits at a Glance

  • Turnkey systems for each application and customer requirement
  • Huge experience on the basis of numerous turnkey projects globally
  • Consistency between AVL test systems via integrated open development platform
  • High precision of measurement and reproducible measurement results