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Powertrains for light, medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles use an increasing number of complex systems for engine, transmission, electric drives, exhaust aftertreatment and the respective electronic control systems. The key is to balance this complexity with the life cycle cost of the vehicle.

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AVL Gas Engines for Commercial Vehicles

Highest power output and best fuel efficiency

AVL offers a variety of gas engine solutions that are compliant with emission and CO2 legislations. They are market-ready, have attractive product costs and provide best fuel efficiency.
AVL has the in-depth knowledge for developing combustion concepts ranging from Euro III or similar up to EU VI or similar and for on-road as well as off-road engines. Due to the high focus on alternative fuels AVL has built up significant know-how in the area of gas engines complying up to EU VI or similar. AVL's solutions are customized for specific boundaries (e.g. SCR only, DPF applications,…) To be prepared for future market requirements, research is done on technologies as waste heat...
Give your customer the best reasons to buy your product: high efficiency, reliability, driveability, low fuel consumption and conformity with the newest emission standards - and select the best partner to realize it as effective as possible. AVL's team of experienced design engineers is familiar with the special tasks of commercial vehicles of all sizes – and how to solve them. We will help you find the optimal design with a balance between increasing powertrain complexity and the life cycle...
The system captures various driveability related sensor and CAN bus signals, such as longitudinal acceleration, engine speed, vehicle speed, pedal positions and vibrations. These input quantities are collected by the DMU2 (DRIVE Main Unit) and passed on to the AVL-DRIVE software for further processing and analysis. More than 100 different driving modes (engine, transmission and chassis related) are detected automatically and more than 800 driveability related criteria are rated in real-time....
AVL has many years of experience in commercial vehicle calibration and has developed a unique tool for efficient calibration process: Mobeo. This tool allows you to cut development time and cost with secured or increased dataset quality.
The transmission has become a fully integrated component in a commercial vehicle powertrain. Today's variety of different transmission concepts makes it necessary to consider the whole powertrain as one system. The extensive engineering experience and the use of efficient development and simulation tools are the basis for AVL‘s innovative solutions. AVL has developed all types of transmissions/transaxles such as manual, automated manual, automatic and double clutch transmissions.
AVL has gained substantial experiences in the field of fully electrified vehicles and hybrids including batteries and other electrical energy storage systems. Batteries are the key enabler for future electrification and CO2-free mobility. AVL can offer customer oriented, tailored solutions from systems engineering to provision of functional prototypes and development and validation of series production bound systems.
Electrified Powertrain Systems integrate powertrain components such as internal combustion engine and transmission with electric components - electric motor, power electronics and high voltage energy storage, such as a battery. AVL's development of Electrified Powertrain System efficiently combines our expertise of the single components with our capabilities to integrate these components into a system optimized for fuel consumption reduction.
With more than 60 years' experience in engine development with particular focus on engine development for commercial vehicles, AVL is the right partner for all development activities creating a new, upgraded or improved engine. All this experience shows direct advantage in every single customer project to quickly find the optimum solution tailored to every customer's different requirements AVL has developed unique tools for the development of engines in the complete Powertrain, to optimize...
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