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The construction equipment market is one of the most demanding but also exciting markets. Highest requirements and customer expectation in respect to robustness, reliability, initial costs, functionality, efficiency and comfort are driving factors. AVL supports its customers in all the phases of the product life cycle to develop a product that will fully satisfy their customers and also end user. Together we will be able to develop the future. AVL supports the life cylce of the product...

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Driveability is a big issue for the driver - especially for vehicles in use almost around the clock, like construction equipment. Legal requirements also regulate allowable impacts on the driver in the future. The task is to assess driveability objectively and repeatable.
The transmission is considered to be a key component of a construction equipment vehicle. The transmission capabilities have to support the functionality of the vehicle, especially in the high frequency forward reverse application. In sensitive operating of piling and loading as well as in high loaded transportation, the transmission - with its high functionality and efficiency - define the value of the machine. Electronic systems secure optimum operating conditions for the engine and...
AVL knows the very specific demands of the Heavy Duty off-road business. With a team of highly experienced design engineers AVL is capable to deliver tailor-made solutions for every purpose and application. Our design solutions meet the expectations of reliability, efficiency, driveability, low operating and production costs, while being compliant with the actual and future emission standards.
Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) are very important topics in the development of new construction equipment. Legislative requirements for operator's ear level as well as the comparison to competitor equipment in terms of noise and vibration as well as sound quality set very challenging targets. NVH optimization of complete vehicles in conjunction with trade-off discussions between NVH, costs, emissions and durability is one of the most challenging tasks in the development process.

Cost-effective and modular

Battery development for On-Road and Off-Road applications

Development of future solutions – from grid to road

AVL has gained substantial experiences in the field of battery development to support future electrification and CO2-free mobility. AVL offers customer-oriented, tailored solutions from systems engineering to provision of functional prototypes, development and validation of series production bound systems.
AVL has the in-depth knowledge for developing combustion concepts ranging from Euro III or similar up to EU VI or similar and for on-road as well as off-road engines. Due to the high focus on alternative fuels AVL has built up significant know-how in the area of gas engines complying up to EU VI or similar. AVL's solutions are customized for specific boundaries (e.g. SCR only, DPF applications,…) To be prepared for future market requirements, research is done on technologies as waste heat...
AVL has many years of experience in commercial vehicle calibration and has developed a unique tool for efficient calibration process: Mobeo. This tool allows you to cut development time and cost with secured or increased dataset quality.
E-mobility is a rapidly moving topic that requires highly professional solutions. Standards, regulations, market requirements and customer expectations are all changing quickly. Durable and reliable batteries are required to satisfy rapidly evolving needs and expectations.
Product portfolio management is driven by the increase of globalized companies and related businesses. Developing new products for new or already existing markets always comes with various uncertainties. AVL's case studies are based on market and technology assessments to maximize the likelihood for our clients' product success. In addition, the client's R&D resources benefit from AVL's vast engineering experience and expertise.
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