Large Engines

AVL aims to be the industry's preferred partner throughout the entire life cycle of large engine products – from strategy all the way through to production and field operation.

Products & Services

A competitive economic environment and increasingly stringent emission regulations are the main drivers for optimizing the efficiency of large engines in marine, power generation, construction and other areas. Fuel efficiency, initial cost, reliability and service/maintenance life cycle cost are key considerations for the creation of optimum engine performance perfectly tuned to the customer's needs. The newest technologies for aftertreatment, waste heat recovery, auxiliary drives and...
Mainly vibrations are the big topic for large engines. Especially for singly cylinder setups the testing layout has to be designed carefully to allow operation over the complete targeted engine speed range without running into resonances. Additionally NVH could be used for monitoring large engines and detect necessary maintenance before the engine is damaged.
Sustainable and clean powertrains require the permanent design improvement of the traditional IC engine. Due to the increasing complexity between the interrelation of the IC engine, transmission, electric motor, battery and controls, a comprehensive development approach is also required to deliver market-tailored, competitive powertrain solutions on schedule.
Product portfolio management is driven by the increase of globalized companies and related businesses. Developing new products for new or already existing markets always comes with various uncertainties. AVL's case studies are based on market and technology assessments to maximize the likelihood for our clients' product success. In addition, the client's R&D resources benefit from AVL's vast engineering experience and expertise.
AVL offers comprehensive services related to global automotive and industrial regulations and legislative requirements. These are mainly focused on global emission regulations and related areas like fuel consumption, CO₂ and greenhouse gases.
AVL develops stationary SOFC CHP (combined heat and power) generators covering the complete development process - from system simulation, layout analysis, optimization, component development (reformers, media supply, burners etc.), design and packaging and control - all the way through to prototype manufacturing and testing.

Drive your brand DNA


Driveability Engineering and Simulation

AVL-DRIVE 4™ - The tool for objective driveability assessment and development extends the capability of objective driveability evaluation from road to rig, to lab and to office. Ideal for defining the brand DNA, setting targets and monitoring the evolution of development within existing company processes up until final acceptance.

Predictably Powerful


Condition Monitoring System for Large Engines

AVL EPOS™ (Engine Performance Optimization System) is AVL‘s condition monitoring platform for large engines and provides an unique integrated failure diagnoses & root cause analysis for target-oriented engine optimization.

Stationary power generation with highest efficiency

AVL Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Combined, Heat and Power (AVL SOFC CHP)

Conversion of any hydrocarbon-based fuel or gas into electricity for stationary application

The superior electrical efficiency (up to 60 %) of this stationary power generator in even small power ranges combined with zero pollutant emissions makes it an attractive, clean and cost-efficient technology. Little maintenance and service enable low total cost of ownership.