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AVL provides fully integrated systems built on the basis of AVL‘s overall expertise in all key components. Well-known manufacturers trust in AVL's individual, independent and highly innovative transmission solutions. Efficient testing and simulation tools, combined with extensive engineering experience and skills drive our advanced solutions.

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Innovation driving CO2 reduction.

AVL Future Hybrid Transmission

Hybrid solution – DHT (dedicated hybrid transmission)

The AVL 7 and 8 mode Future Hybrid technologies are the cost-efficient answers to CO2 reduction in passenger cars and the increasing demand for dedicated hybrid transmission solutions.

Designing the parts together

Transmission Engineering

Passenger Car

AVL Transmission Engineering offers engineering solutions and services from concept investigations to series production including complete production programs. From the transmission itself up to the integration into the vehicle.

High-quality and cost-efficient

AVL Powertrain Strategy Calibration in a Virtual Environment

Model-based driveability development

AVL offers leading calibration solutions that are crucial for reducing the number of prototypes. The methodology is cost-efficient and can be applied in an early stage of the development process with simulated vehicle models.

Frontloading of Driveline design

Solution for NVH simulations of transmissions and drivelines

Optimizing NVH attribute of powertrain development

The role of NVH simulation for transmissions is increasingly important in view of strict NVH targets. AVL offers NVH simulation solutions that are based on reliable CAE models and allow consistent predictions already at an early stage of the development.
The transmission has become a fully integrated component in a commercial vehicle powertrain. Today's variety of different transmission concepts makes it necessary to consider the whole powertrain as one system. The extensive engineering experience and the use of efficient development and simulation tools are the basis for AVL‘s innovative solutions. AVL has developed all types of transmissions/transaxles such as manual, automated manual, automatic and double clutch transmissions.
The transmission is considered to be a key component of a construction equipment vehicle. The transmission capabilities have to support the functionality of the vehicle, especially in the high frequency forward reverse application. In sensitive operating of piling and loading as well as in high loaded transportation, the transmission - with its high functionality and efficiency - define the value of the machine. Electronic systems secure optimum operating conditions for the engine and...
AVL test a wide range of transmissions including those of tractors, passenger cars and trucks.
New transmission structures, for instance integrated electrical machines, multi-element shifts etc. are being developed which require complex control strategies with cutting edge technologies. The automated transmission market is also expanding to new markets which require both comfort and efficient powertrains. AVL has the expertise, experience and processes to help with transmission controls and software development.
Modern Powertrains are gaining more and more attention due to the growing challenges of Fuel Economy and CO2. To fulfill this requirement new transmission topologies integrated with electrical machines are currently being developed for the developed countries. Standard Transmissions are currently being developed with highest targets of efficiency, weight reduction and NVH requirements. More recently, in developing countries robust and more advanced transmission solutions are requested....
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