Reaction Chemistry Simulation

From chemical to thermal energy

Simulating the conversion of chemical into thermal energy – often by way of combustion – enables the design, analysis and optimization of a variety of powertrain systems and components. AVL’s computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling solutions offer this insight for an array of applications.

From ICE simulation to catalytic reactors, burners and combustion systems outside the automotive industry, our modelling tools are versatile and powerful. Designed for the simulation of a wide range of chemical reactions, users can conduct investigations by applying flame tracking models, flamelet models, and a number of other reaction-chemistry scenarios.

Our solution portfolio of chemical reaction simulation software covers many processes, including:

  • General species transport
  • General gas phase reaction
  • Surface reactions

AVL simulation solutions enable the modelling of spark and auto-ignition events and offer
predictive emission models. They feature a variety of tools that help to save time.

These include:

  • Multi-zone modelling (MZM)
  • Dynamic adaptive chemistry (DAC)
  • In-situ adaptive tabulation (ISAT)
  • Chemistry tabulation (TABKIN)