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Emission Certification

Emission Regulation is moving forward. Euro 6 has arrived in Europe, 40CFR1065 and 40CFR1066 in the US as well as the new Worldwide Light Duty Test Procedure has been published as Global technical regulation. And more challenges to come for the different applications. Measuring hybrid powertrains with their complexity, new measurement methods, changed procedures and real driving emissions are just a few examples.
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Electromagnetic compatibility testing comprises tests regarding the measurement of the electromagnetic emissions of the test specimen as well as...

Quality on Time


To handle the increasing complexity in combustion engines and avoid costly recalls, OEMs need consistent and smart testing methods that consider...

Quality on time


Ensuring the product that comes off the production line meets the specified product characteristics is a vitally important part of the production...
Performance, emission and fuel consumption are base development targets causing dedicated demands on development solutions for powertrains and...