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Switched on and fully charged

AVL Electrification

Electrified vehicles are widely considered key to reducing CO2 and play an important role in tackling climate change. Stringent, rapidly changing emission legislation and accelerating consumer demands are increasing the speed of development and the complexity of modern propulsion systems. At the same time, local market requirements are pushing the diversity of technical solutions.

From mild and plug-in hybrids to battery electric and fuel cell electric vehicles, AVL has the expertise to support you in making the right architecture choice for your electrification portfolio. Our solutions cover development support, test and validation solutions, simulation tools and comprehensive know-how in these technologies. And thanks to both our deep understanding of the complete system and the single components we also provide system integration for the main features.

Being a reliable partner for the automotive industry in this forward-looking technology landscape, we are committed to a vision of clean, affordable, connected and intelligent mobility.

Fuel Cell Electric
With increasingly stringent global emission legislation and the shift towards renewable energy sources, technology is providing a range of choices for the low emission powertrain of the future. Fuel cells are one such option, generating electricity from hydrogen fuels efficiently and without emissions. AVL is the industry leader in the development and validation of fuel cell systems. Thanks to our technical expertise – from stacks to the complete PEMFC systems – and our leading test solutions, we are the preferred partner for OEMs when it comes to future hydrogen-powered propulsion.