Supporting projects across art, science and beyond

We are aware of our responsibility towards society and fulfill this responsibility in a variety of ways: For example, we maintain intensive and long-standing collaborations with numerous universities and research institutes worldwide. The Hans-List Prize was established in 2007 to honor talented engineers whose outstanding, innovative work and developments have already been used successfully on the market. Also in 2007, the AVL Cultural Foundation was founded as a bridge between science and art with the aim of implementing and promoting art and cultural projects.

Irvine_Andy Cavatorta (c) Christian Jungwirth

AVL Cultural Foundation

Since its foundation in autumn 2007, the AVL Cultural Foundation has dedicated itself to promoting activities and projects at the interface between art, science and technology. Its aim is to connect technology and industry with art and society in order to promote mutual dialogue and exchange and to stimulate and support innovation.

The AVL Cultural Foundation was born out of AVL CEO Professor Helmut List’s vision to bring art into AVL’s corporate culture. These undertakings include projects that involve the AVL community in art projects and creative adventures, such as the “Connecting Passion” photography project for and with AVL employees that captures the passions of AVL employees worldwide. Within the Art&Science program of AVL Cultural Foundation, artists have unique opportunities to experiment and encounter AVL specific technologies. Exemplary of which is the development of an innovative instrument called the “Irvine”, an analog synthesizer, that uses gallium phosphate crystals to generate new sounds. Furthermore, the AVL Cultural Foundation supports a variety of cultural festivals and holds contact to many artists in innovative fields. Intended as a way to give back to society, it grew out of projects that AVL had already undertaken, which combined art and science. With the foundation, Helmut and Kathryn List want to further explore the relationship between these two fields – through commissioned projects, collaborations and cultural funding.

Institutional Cooperation

We collaborate with national associations, enable the cooperation with Austrian universities, non-university research institutions and local industry partners. In Austria, we collaborate among others with the WKO (Austrian Economic Chambers), the IV (The Federation of Austrian Industries), the Styrian automobile cluster ACStyria and the association A3PS (Austrian Agency for Alternative Propulsion Systems). On European level, we cooperate with many communities dealing with propulsion system research and the corresponding environment. The most important associations in this context are EARPA (European Automotive Research Partners Association), EUCAR (Association of Vehicle Manufacturers), CONCAWE (oil industry) and CLEPA (suppliers).

University Partnership Program

Cooperation with Academic Institutions

To continuously expand our global leadership we are investing heavily in our own research projects and collaborate with numerous industrial partners and more than 100 universities worldwide. In addition to internships, scholarships and AVL classes, our University Partnership Program (UPP) gives our partners unique access to our latest simulation technology. This allows students to learn at the highest possible level, and gives young researchers the opportunity to work on state-of-the-art engine, powertrain and vehicle-related simulation to ideally prepare them for their future endeavors.

Hans List Fonds

Hans List Fonds

In memory of AVL’s founder, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans List, the AVL List GmbH has founded the Hans List Fonds on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

To encourage students and graduates of Styrian universities, every year "Hans List Fonds" awards 6 scholarships to outstanding students. In particular, innovative master theses and dissertations in the field of vehicle propulsion and vehicle technology as well as related areas will be considered. Four scholarships amounting to 5,000 € for dissertations and two scholarships amounting to 3,000 € for master theses will be awarded. The total value of the scholarships is 26,000 €

Criteria and Submission

Students of the University of Technology Graz, the University of Leoben and the FH Joanneum-University who have adequate academic progress in their studies and are currently writing a master's thesis or dissertation or have already completed a master's thesis or dissertation are eligible to apply. The completion of the work must not be longer than max. 14 months ago. Past winners are not allowed to send new applications.

Submissions can be sent with a proof of an adequate academic progress and documentation on the work.

In the brief description of the content (two A4 pages maximum) the following criteria should be considered:

  • Innovation
  • Benefits to the environment
  • Usability

Submission Deadline 2024:

July 5, 2024

Please apply by uploading the submission documents with your CV.

Winners 2023

5.000 EUR each for their dissertation:

  • Mr. bak. elektr. DI Fikret Bašić with the title „ Enabling Secure and Wireless Communication for Battery Management Systems”
  • Mr. DI Kevin Gschiel, BSc with the title Betriebsstrategieoptimierung eines Wasserstoffmotors mit innerer Gemischbildung”
  • Ms. DI Dr. mont. Helene Waldl, BSc with the title “Development of TiAIN based hard coatings applying advanced characterization methods”
  • Ms. DI Dr.techn. BSc Katharina Hogrefe with the title “ Li+ and Na+ Ion Dynamics in Sulphide Solid Electrolyte Materials ”


3.000 EUR each for their master thesis:

  • Mr. Michael Maurer, BSc with the title “ Erstellung einer Materialkarte für eine FEM[1]-Schadensmodellierung von Klebeverbindungen für unterschiedliche Lastfälle bei Traktionsbatterien“
  • Mr. DI Nikolas Hartbauer, BSc with the title “Additive Manufacturing-enabled Embedding of Optical Fibers for an Advanced Automotive Fuel Cell Measurement Device”


Assignment / Jury

The award is assigned by the Board of Trustees of Hans List Fonds.

The Board members are:

  • Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Helmut Eichlseder
  • Univ. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Horst Bischof
  • Prof. DI Dr.h.c. Helmut List
  • Prof. DI Dr. Peter Prenninger
  • Mag. Martin Latzka
Helmut List Halle

Helmut List Halle

At the heart of Graz’s cultural scene, the Helmut List Halle is a shining testament to the power of collaboration between engineers and artists. Born out of an old, disused factory, it is a technological marvel that marries the flexibility of concert acoustics with the strictness of opera halls.

Realized by architect Markus Pernthaler, it has set a new standard for contemporary performance spaces. Whether it’s theater performances, classical music, conferences or an electronic music festival, the unique, multi-function building can change its internal profile to provide the perfect sound environment. This merging of science and art makes the building a key cultural venue in Graz and a world-class venue for any kind of performance.

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