AVL University Partnership Program

University Partnership Program

AVL is supporting research and teaching activities in academia by offering its unique AVL University Partnership Program (UPP), addressed to Universities, Technical Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences, Technical Colleges and Technical High Schools. Within the frame of the University Partnership Program, AVL provides access to its comprehensive set of outstanding simulation, virtualization, and data analysis solutions. For the UPP partners this offers the opportunity to use the latest software technology of the world’s largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing of powertrain systems for scientific research and educational purposes. Participation in the AVL University Partnership Program enables the education of students at the highest possible standards based on AVL’s simulation, virtualization, and data analysis tools. Participation in the UPP also offers the opportunity to students and young researchers to efficiently perform their research work on engine, powertrain and vehicle related component and system level analysis and optimization.

Within the University Partnership Program, AVL provides up to 30 licenses per product for teaching and noncommercial research. Basic and expert trainings as well as certain hardware are offered at special rates. Provided that a basic training course is attended, e-mail support of up to 10 hours is given free of charge for each software product. Licenses are valid for 12 months, six weeks before the license period ends UPP partners are asked to fill in an online feedback form. Deliverables provided by the institute are evaluated and the licenses will be renewed.


  • AVL delivers up to 30 licenses per product at an annual license fee of € 0 per product
  • Certain products may require an application process

Mandatory Deliverable/Institute

  • Providing a short video/picture from your calculations including a description and name(s) of responsible for public use (i.e. AVL LinkedIn page) 

Deliverable/Institute (minimum 2 options per product):

  • Mentioning the use of AVL software in the annual institute report
  • More than 2 papers on conferences/in journals per year acknowledging the use of AVL AST software
  • Offering courses/seminars for industry including AVL members to present 
  • Collaboration in R&D projects
  • Providing R&D results obtained with or to be built in AVL software
  • Internet link to AVL website
Selected Software Tools

The software development in close interaction with leading academic institutions and the automotive industry has resulted in the dedicated engineering tools AVL CRUISE™ M, AVL Scenario Designer™, AVL FIRE™ M, AVL EXCITE™, Model.CONNECT™, FIFTY2 PreonLab, AVL VSM™, AVL CONCERTO 5™, AVL M.O.V.E DATA TOOLBOX 2, AVL INDICOM™, AVL CAMEO 5™, Testbed.CONNECT™, AVL Smart Mobile Solutions™, AVL VSM™ RACE and AVL DRIVE™ RACE which have successfully proven to cover major aspects of engine, powertrain and vehicle related simulation tasks.

The software development in close interaction with leading academic institutions and the automotive industry has resulted in the dedicated engineering tools 

Simulation Software


Due to its scope, AVL FIRE™ M can be described as all-purpose CFD software. However, it is mainly used for the development of all types of powertrains and their components.

The software allows you to view flows around vehicles and objects or heat transfers between any fluid and solid domains in detail.


Data gives one the confidence to clearly decide which concepts to follow. A solid data basis is especially important when mobility concepts are evaluated with regard to multiple factors at the same time. This is exactly what AVL CRUISE™ M stands for.


Rattling noises and constant vibrations are not only irritating, but also stressful. Especially if you are exposed to them over a longer period of time, e.g. on long-distance journeys. Noise and vibrations therefore not only affect the driving pleasure and comfort of the passengers, but also their safety. At the same time, vehicle drivers want more...


The increasing networking in vehicle development means that components are no longer considered in isolation and that departments have to work across the board. As a result, it is not uncommon for different modeling strategies and tools to clash. 

Model.CONNECT™ bridges this gap.


The difference between classic CFD and PreonLab is quickly explained. Classical CFD is based on mesh creation, for PreonLab a different approach was chosen: Smoothed-Paritcle Hydrodynamics (SPH) is the basis of the revolutionary PREON® technology.

Data Acquisition and Analysis Software


With built-in and ready to use domain know-how, CONCERTO empowers data-driven engineers to become a strong development influencer.

Smart Calibration and Virtual Testing Software

Bring Simulation to the Testbed With Testbed.CONNECT™

A powerful open execution platform that connects simulation models to the testbed.

AVL Cameo 5

AVL CAMEO 5™ unlocks a new maturity level of calibration and validation in automotive software testing. 

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