Services for Equipment

Test equipment availability and reliability is a prerequisite for any testing business

Services for Equipment

To appropriately manage the test equipment in a test lab or in a test vehicle, is one of the most underrated tasks within the propulsion development process. The equipment is part of the value creation chain and has instantly a negative impact, if it is either not available or not working properly. AVL Services for Equipment (S4E)  are designed to tackle these risks and prevent you from unplanned cost and effort. Your testing business continuity is our goal. Besides traditional ways of serving you in the areas of spare parts management, repair, maintenance and calibration, we offer new ways based on technological benefits, the digital transformation is providing. 

Environmental protection is an important part of AVL’s overall strategy. Thus, our innovative service solutions consider CO2 reduction as a self-conception. We aim for customer proximity, reduction of travels as well as remote- and self-service possibilities.  

Similar to your car, where service tasks are suggested either annually or milage / condition based, we also offer our services in that way. The game changer here is simply the digital transformation. Whereas former generations of equipment focused on measurement data only, the new generation has been ‘smartified’ to provide operational device data as well. Our cloud- and web- based service solutions automatically transform this operational equipment data into relevant service information and display it on easy to consume dashboards. Take your decisions based on the service need of your equipment.

AVL Services for Equipment

‘If you don’t actively attack risks, they will actively attack you !’ (Tom Gilb) According to that, we embed our services for equipment into your risk management. The goal is to reduce the risk of unavailability or unreliability of testing equipment due to preventive or even predictive service measures. Having the relevant spare parts and maintenance kits onsite and maintaining / calibrating devices regularly, will reduce the above mentioned risks significantly. A tailored service level agreement (SLA) ensures that service activities are defined, scheduled and professionally executed. Transform the risk of unplanned downtime into an opportunity of increasing the productivity of your test lab, with the help of AVL Services for Equipment.

Services for Software

In case a risk turns into an equipment defect, we offer repair either onsite (if technically feasible) or in our repair centers around the globe. Our certified service engineers apply necessary corrective measures, to recover your equipment as soon as possible. The unavailability of necessary measuring equipment can lead to massive problems in your development projects. Therefore we offer possibilities to reduce the overall processing time from picking up the broken equipment until its return, for urgent cases.

AVL Services for Equipment

Our digital tools – boosted by the digital transformation progress in general – provide additional benefits to you, when managing your equipment installed base. By linking different data sources and bringing them into context, our smart digital tools like the AVL eShop or our AVL Maintenance Manager, provide relevant information for your short- , mid- and long term service decisions. With our patented high secure data highway in combination with our cloud and web based tools, you benefit from easiest information access at your lowest effort. 

AVL Spare Parts Management
Spare Parts Management

AVL Spare Parts Management is a range of services that make the procurement and supply of critical and non-critical spare parts as smooth and efficient as possible

Hardware Maintenance
Hardware Maintenance

The AVL Hardware Maintenance program is conducted on site by certified AVL Service Engineers to ensure the longevity of your device and to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

AVL Calibration Services
Calibration Services

To ensure the correctness of measured data, is as challenging as it is critical to your product development processes. Regular calibration of your measurement instruments is essential, to secure technical credibility of your laboratory and avoid cost due to possible repetition of testing tasks.

Hardware Repair
Hardware Repair

In case of unplanned downtime, AVL offers a range of services to minimize downtime by restoring equipment to its full functionality as quickly as possible – while providing alternative solutions in the meantime.

AVL Skills Center Training
AVL Skills Center Training

Knowledge transfer for toolchains and applications tailored to your needs.

In times of rapid change, uncertainty and unpredictability, a partner offering stability and continuity is of significant importance. AVL is such a dependable partner. Our global footprint is constantly growing to ensure proximity to our customers, and we strive for long-term partnership with them. AVL has proven its ambitious customer orientation and dedication in the recent global economic difficulties. AVL Customer Services is a reliable value provider - in good times and in turbulent times. 

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