AVL Calibration Services

Calibration services of quality and dependability you can rely on

AVL Calibration Services

To ensure the correctness of measured data, is as challenging as it is critical to product development processes. Regular calibration of measurement instruments is essential, to secure technical credibility of laboratories and avoid cost due to possible repetition of testing tasks.

With our Calibration Services that are in line with ISO 17025, you can be assured that quality and reliability is the base for your applied calibration methods. For AVL Calibration Services, we established a worldwide network of certified repair centers, ensuring high quality calibration close to you. 

Book and trace calibration slots easily via our online portal AVL Case Management. A transparent and convenient way to manage your equipment regarding calibration tasks. 

When it comes to measurement results, there is no room for uncertainty. This makes calibrating your measurement instruments on a regular basis imperative. The calibration method itself and the resulting factors, such as measurement uncertainty and the constant monitoring of applied measurement standards, are subject to strict quality requirements.

AVL Calibration Services
AVL Calibration Services

AVL offers high-quality calibration services in certified calibration centers. Accuracy and quality of the calibration equipment are ensured through specialized technicians and compliance with calibration standards. 

Calibration services according to ISO 17025, focus on the quality and the reliability of the applied calibration methods.

Each calibration service has a specified turnaround time that indicates the time between receiving the goods in our repair centers and the return shipment. For certain equipment, it is essential to schedule the service in advance to ensure that the turnaround time is kept.

Annual Services combine maintenance and calibration activities to keep your equipment at its best.


Calibration and logistic times are pre-defined per region and pricing information is available in advance.

High Quality

Ensured quality through certified calibration centers and ISO 17025 accreditation.


Fact-based and dependable communication as well as a clear overview on service and calibration activities.


The calibration is done based on predefined processes and with regularly calibrated measurement equipment. Beyond standard calibration, calibration centers also offer ISO17025 calibration.


If the measured values happen to be outside the specified tolerances, an appropriate adjustment will be carried out.

Calibration Report

A standard or ISO 17025 calibration certificate attests the proper functioning of the measurement device within the specified tolerances.

Solution Sheet for AVL Calibration Services

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