E-Axle Systems Engineering

A Modular, Low-Cost Approach to E-Mobility

In addition to the individual components, we develop integrated e-axles including transmission. One example of our innovative ability is our high-performance highspeed e-axle, which currently has one of the highest power densities among e-drive systems on the market.

Electric Driveline Development

The challenges of e-mobility are very much represented in the core of the electric driveline – the electric drive unit (EDU). In modern electrified propulsion systems, specific power must be right, and the highest possible torque should propel the electric vehicle forward. At the same time, the compact drive unit should function as efficiently as possible and be discreet when it comes to acoustics. And it goes without saying that the system costs have to be kept low. AVL solves these challenges individually – according to your requirements.

In addition to the individual components, we develop integrated e-axles including transmission. One example of our innovative ability is our high-performance highspeed e-axle, which currently has one of the highest power densities among e-drive systems on the market.  We have achieved this solely using standard materials. It works with an 800 V system and is characterized by a maximum rotation speed of 30,000 rpm. The 2nd development generation of the unit produces a total top performance of 500 kW and an axle torque of up to 6,000 Nm. This is made possible by further innovations such as silicon carbide semiconductors and direct-oil-cooled e-motors.

See for yourself how we optimize the core parameters of your e-axle system specifically in line with your needs, and what the advantages of e-axle development with our support are.

The e-axle is a key component in an electric vehicle. This is where motor, transmission, and power electronics merge into a compact module that can also be expanded to include functions such as a DC/DC converter and charging. Every increase in the degree of integration saves costs and helps to increase system- efficiency. Other advantages are smaller dimensions, lower weight, reduced interfaces, and improvements with regard to electromagnetic radiation.

Recognizing market requirements at an early stage and mapping them in services and development methods has always been what has distinguished AVL. We develop your e-drive unit in such a way that it optimally meets end user expectations.

BEV Propolsion System without Chassis
BEV Propolsion System

Optimization of Efficiency

In order to achieve maximum ranges, you need a high level of efficiency. This requires detailed understanding of the e-axle and the overall system, perfect coordination of the influencing parameters, and the reduction of losses in the system.

Less Weight, Longer Range 

Reducing the weight of a vehicle has a direct, positive impact on the achievable range, which is why the propulsion system should be as light as possible. It is often possible to reduce weight by optimizing the design of the individual components, and this can be visualized early in the development cycle using advanced simulation methods. 

Optimizing Acoustics

When it comes to NVH (noise, vibration, harshness), you can only achieve perfect results if the individual propulsion system components are coordinated and improved as a whole.

Cost and Lifecycle CO2 Reduction.

Under high competitive pressure, automobile manufacturers and suppliers feel compelled to keep development costs and the associated carbon footprint of the product as low as possible. At AVL, design-to-cost, as well as design-to-CO2 is taken into account consistently in our projects.

Compression of Design 

In terms of volume and shape, the design of the propulsion system is limited by the chassis geometry and axle sub-frame structure. Therefore, the e-axle system must be designed to be as compact as possible – while also ensuring maximum power density.

Short Time to Market 

Another competitive advantage is bringing new developments to market as quickly as possible. This allows expenses to be amortized more quickly, or simply enables a product to be first on the market.

2-Speed E-Axle
Heavy Duty e-Axle

With our support, your e-axle system will meet market requirements. Our greatest strength lies in our integration expertise: We consider the overall system and know the targets that the vehicle needs to achieve.

For example, to optimize efficiency, we recommend our two-speed e-axle system for your passenger car, premium SUV, and light-duty commercial vehicles. The optimal efficiency of the system reduces costs and improves performance.
Our extensive use of advanced simulation tools supports error-free processing and reduces the use of prototypes.

We keep your product costs low with our modular approach: Our e-axles are compact units that integrate the necessary e-drive components – e-motor, transmission, and inverter – and leave maximum space for the battery. These components power the axle of your vehicle directly and reduce complexity – as an out-of-the-box solution for battery electric (BEV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).

This compact design has two additional advantages: optimal integration into the available space, and reduction of weight – a bonus when it comes to improving electric driving range.

Our modular approach also accelerates your time to market: With pre-designed solutions that only need to be customized,  we reach the finish line much quicker than if we had to design each individual solution from scratch.

Sophisticated development methods and optimal products make our e-axle systems ideally equipped for market challenges. Modular and fully integrated, they can be used in a range of applications.

Understanding of the System

AVL’s consistent approach to targeted development is understanding the vehicle requirements and, based on this, formulating development goals for the system and components. With our experience, we are also happy to help you install continuous requirements management for your business.

State of the Art

No matter which solution you choose – with our e-axle systems you are always at the cutting edge of technology, whether it's the latest semiconductor technology, e-motor with axial or radial magnetic flux, simple reduction, or highly efficient 2-speed transmission. AVL is already working on the technical solutions of tomorrow.

Maximum Test Scopes 

We provide the entire development environment. We create or optimize the validation program, define test standards, and also carry out the tests. We have a global network of test facilities and our own state-of-the-art test track available. We can be your single point of contact for your individual test campaign.

Global Network 

We are near our customers. More than 15 subsidiaries worldwide guarantee you on-site support – even at short notice. For example, more than ten locations are available for testing and building prototypes.

Individual Solutions

Whether detailed or overall solution – we can cater to your individual wishes.

System Integration from a Single Source

With us you get comprehensive expertise in all key areas, under one roof.

Optimization of Your Total Development Costs

We have a team dedicated to "production development, cost optimization, and lifecycle CO2 assessment". This is how we reduce the costs of your individual components and your overall system, and increase sustainability.

Short Time to Market

Our modular approach to e-drive components shortens the development process for you in order to achieve the desired result.

Target Fulfillment

We define application requirements and break these down into subsystem and components. We factor this into the design. After extensive testing, we bring everything together in the overall system for you.

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