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Large combustion engines of the kind found in marine applications are expensive to operate and maintain. Therefore, it is vital that their usage is optimized in order to manage efficiency and uptime. In the process, emissions must be reduced to meet increasingly stringent legislative requirements.
AVL EPOS™ is our solution to these challenges. It allows you to manage costs, availability, and performance and make the most of your investment. 

In order to comply with global emission legislation, engines of all sizes are having to become more complex. Marine engines are not excluded from this trend and operators must find ways to manage efficiency without negatively affecting performance.
AVL EPOS is a solution that avoids costly engine damage and standstills by helping to schedule predictive maintenance before breakdowns occur. Combining engine know-how with high system accuracy, it supports you in optimizing your maintenance strategy and achieve a return on your investment.
Furthermore, the system’s continuous condition monitoring enables you to achieve improvement in fuel consumption thanks to assisted engine tuning functionality. 


On and Offline Performance Enhancement

Our innovative solution can be used both online and offline. This gives you the ability to remotely monitor the condition of the engines from the fleet management office as well as from the power plant control room. 
The demands placed on your own resources can be kept to a minimum by using the support of our expert consulting teams, who are able to draw on decades of engine expertise.  AVL EPOS is a responsive and innovative solution to engine and fleet management enabling you to monitor your engines with minimal cost and effort. 

Application Range  

Engine type

2 and 4 stroke, low-, medium, and high
speed engines


HFO, diesel, gas, and dual fuel

System Specification


Main input parameters

1 (optional 2) Cylinder pressure signal(s),

Additional input 

Exhaust temperature(s), scavenging pressure,

shaft torque, ambient conditions, etc. 
(manual input)


EPOS Software

AVL EPOS is a proven and flexible system that can be tailored to your needs, enabling you to monitor and optimize your engines to improve performance, efficiency and reduce emissions.

Prevent Engine Damage and Standstills 

Detect upcoming failures of major engine component at the earliest possible time to avoid massive engine failures and potential secondary damages.

Reduce Maintenance and Service Costs 

Gain additional condition information on major engine components to avoid unnecessary maintenance tasks and exploit the full lifetime of parts.

Save Money by Reducing Fuel Consumption

Increase and optimize fuel efficiency and reduce mechanical stress of your engines through the use of advanced cylinder balancing information.

Expert Algorithms

Designed for large-bore engines of all types including 2 and 4-stroke diesel, HFO, gas and dual fuel, AVL EPOS provides condition monitoring and automatic diagnosis. It does this using expert algorithms. 

Integration of Third-Party Systems

Cylinder pressure measurements are the central source of information, while an open diagnosis platform for the main engine and auxiliaries enables integration of third-party systems. 

Easy to Use GUI

AVL EPOS displays the engine status via a simple TRAFFIC LIGHT style indicator. Further screens show measurement data and diagnosis in different detail and depth. In addition, the key condition and the key performance index deliver information about the engine’s condition.

AVL EPOS™ - Multiengine (FLEET)

For operators with more than one installation, AVL EPOS™ – Multiengine (FLEET) provides an overview of multiple installations at a glance – allowing the comparison and management of multiple installations on a plant and/or fleet level. 

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