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The AVL UltraFine Particle Monitor is designed to measure the particle number concentration of ultrafine particles for air quality monitoring by using condensation particle counter technology.

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Air pollution impacts the health of both our environment and humans globally. For decades, AVL has been at the forefront of condensation particle monitoring in the automotive industry, ensuring efficient and sustainable transportation solutions. Now, we are harnessing our extensive knowledge and expertise to address the pressing issue of air pollution in the environmental field. That's why we've developed the AVL UltraFine Particle Monitor, a solution designed to quantify ultrafine particle number concentrations accurately in ambient air. By providing precise data with a robust instrument design, we empower regulatory agencies and research institutions to implement effective pollution control strategies and drive impactful research forward. Discover how our technology can revolutionize air quality monitoring and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet.

In the face of global air pollution challenges, AVL is committed to driving innovative solutions. Our inspiration comes from the pressing need to address the challenges faced by environmental professionals worldwide. Understanding the emerging significance of ultrafine particle monitoring, we developed the instrument based on the condensation particle counting technology. We addressed these needs to empower environmental experts with an instrument that is easy to use and highly stable in operation performance and precision. The AVL UltraFine Particle Monitor is a solution tailored to tackle the microscopic yet significant world of ultrafine particles, offering environmental experts the tools they need to make a tangible difference.

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A New Benchmark for Ultrafine Particle Monitoring

The UltraFine Particle Monitor uses AVL's proprietary technology, ensuring reliability, quality, and high performance trusted by more than 1,000 customers worldwide. With user-friendly features and straightforward service functionality, operating and maintaining the device is effortless, allowing you to focus on results rather than time consuming processes. Its robust optical components, initially optimized for the harshest conditions of the automotive industry, provide utmost durability and performance. The instrument also features automatic re-boot and automated drift detection systems for stable data flow and consistent accuracy over time. Integration into existing monitoring stations is seamless, making it a convenient extension to your air quality monitoring tools and setup.

Technical Data Unit

Counting efficiency

10 nm particle size d50: 50 %
15 nm particle size d90: ≥ 90 %
Measurement range 0 ... 100,000 #/cm3
Measurement accuracy ± 10 %
Response time (T95) ≤ 3 s
Aerosol flow rate  Approx. 960 cm3/min
Aerosol inlet pressure range - 50 ... 150 mbar rel.
Ambient conditions Operating Temperature 5 ... 35 °C
Humidity ≤ 90 % non-condensating


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Precise Data Insights

Gain accurate and reliable measurements for informed decision-making and effective pollution control strategies.

User-Friendly Experience

Operation and maintenance are effortless, allowing you to focus on achieving your environmental goals.

Robust Performance

Trust in the instrument's durability and performance, which were optimized for the harsh conditions of the automotive industry.

Continuous Data Flow

Ensure uninterrupted data collection with automatic re-boot and stable data quality with automated drift detection.

Advanced Technology

The AVL UltraFine Particle Monitor utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver unmatched accuracy and reliability in ultrafine particle counting. Its cutting-edge design ensures precise and consistent results, empowering you with the highest quality data.

Straightforward Service Functionality

With our user-friendly design, operating and maintaining the AVL system is a hassle-free experience. You can navigate the device effortlessly, ensuring smooth operation and seamless data collection. Spend less time on the process and more time focusing on the results that drive your air quality initiatives.

Durability in Any Environment

Built to withstand challenging automotive conditions, our instrument's robust optical components ensure reliable and precise measurements, whether in the controlled setting of a lab or the dynamic conditions of field monitoring.

Seamless Integration

The AVL UltraFine Particle Monitor seamlessly integrates into your existing monitoring stations, expanding your air quality measurement capabilities with ease. Effortlessly incorporate our instrument into your workflow and enhance your environmental monitoring efforts.

Solution Sheet AVL UltraFine Particle Monitor™

Reliability in Particle Measurement


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