AVL X-Rig™ System

Faster. Safer. Most Convenient.

Optimize your testing time on the powertrain testbed​.
Utilize it as fast as a chassis dynamometer test system.


Test time on a testbed is a precious resource that is often wasted on extensive preparation rather than focused testing. We understand the frustration of spending valuable time and resources on setup rather than testing. Our AVL X-Rig™ System provides a solution.

  • Expand your testing capabilities
    Our solution allows you to quickly convert these spaces into fully functional test stands without the hassle of building pit for the installation of an expensive floor plate.
  • Speed up the rigging process
    Unit under test (UUT) rigging times negatively affect Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of testing systems. Therefore, a solution is needed to streamline the upgrade process regarding a chassis dynamometer.
  • Optimization with pre-test area
    A pre-tested UUT significantly increases the probability of success of the test case, so it is worth paying attention to the pre-test area to optimize test sequences.
AVL X-Rig™ Pallet


This AVL innovation revolutionizes your testing process in an effective way. It allows you to transfer pre-commissioning tasks from the costly test cell to the economical pre-assembly area. It supports your integration strategy – from single e-axle to complete vehicle in a single test environment. And enables high test cell utilization and fast UUT changeover times, as is common on chassis dynamometer test benches.


AVL X-Rig™ Coupling

With our fast-coupling CV shaft, getting ready for testing is now possible in even shorter time. The solution includes a bayonet lock which allows for quick set-up of the UUT and proper connection to the load system. A mounting aid is optionally available; a fully automatic solution is as well possible.

AVL X-Rig™ Frame

These specially designed and customizable frames allow for the proper positioning of the dynamometers. Depending on your test requirements, you can choose the most suitable dynamometer and inverter combination from our portfolio. As mentioned, with this solution there is no base plate required, which is realized via the vibration decoupling frame. Moreover, manual positioning of the dynamometer is included but automatical positioning can be implemented as well.

georg seewald

With the AVL X-Rig™ System we enable our customers to operate a 4WD powertrain testbed in the same way as a chassis dyno – for maximum throughput, highest efficiency, and reduced cost.”

– Georg Seewald, Lead Architect X-Rig™ System, AVL List GmbH

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Faster. Safer. Most Convenient.

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The most common method of suppressing a battery fire or thermal runaway incident is to flood the testbed with enormous amounts of water. This often leads to the damage or destruction of electrical equipment, test cell environment and is therefore far from ideal. We have developed a unique battery safety system to combat this issue. This revolutionary system instantly addresses the source of the fire and cuts down both the amount of cooling liquid required as well as the cooling time.

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AVL Stingray™ Testbed

AVL’s comprehensive worldwide network of experts allows best customer vicinity, ensuring consistent and connecting testing fields globally. Wherever your R&D challenges take you, we are always close at hand, ready to provide the service you need.

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