Highly Efficient Energy Management.

AVL EMOS provides highly efficient energy management, including energy monitoring and load management, for your testing facility.


AVL EMOS™ is a tool that enables energy efficiency and regulatory compliance in the test field. Its monitoring function provides detailed energy audits, correlations between operational and energy data, and ESG KPI tracking. The power management module allows to reduce the overall power requirements by orchestrating real-time testing within facility constraints. This optimizes the power infrastructure and enables highly demanding testing to be accommodated within the boundaries of a test site.

Even when facilities are appropriately sized, managing energy consumption and avoiding power peaks can significantly impact test center operating costs. 

Comprehensive monitoring of energy consumption, combined with active test scheduling management, can impact overall energy consumption, carbon emissions, and total cost of ownership. Efficient use of the facility's power distribution network helps ensure power availability for new applications or building expansions.

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Power Limitations

Facilities are limited in power. Upgrades to test cells are sometimes compromised.

Regeneration Peaks

Some facilities are not allowed to regenerate power to the grid, have limited capabilities, or do not receive compensation.

Planning for New Infrastructure

Planning for a new test cell or building requires an understanding of the power consumption.

High Energy Costs

Controlling where energy is spent is crucial for improving efficiency as energy costs continue to rise.

AVL EMOS monitors energy consumption in real-time, maps it to the corresponding test cycles, and links operating costs to consumption. The tool supports the user in optimizing power costs by analyzing the consumed versus the contracted maximal power.

AVL EMOS Management enables the optimization of test sequences between different testbeds. It can perform pre-planning offline, control loads online, prioritize test cells, and operate in bypass mode if load management functionality needs to be temporarily disabled.


AVL EMOS™ can provide support in three main areas:

Energy Consumption

By monitoring energy consumption in connection with various operating parameters of the testbed, it is possible to detect inefficiencies and identify their causes.

Peak Power

Efficient synchronization of tests can prevent power peaks. In this way, the power infrastructure and power tariff can be optimized.

Operation Within
Facility Limits

AVL EMOS™ Management ensures that plant limits are not exceeded during operation, avoiding unexpected shutdowns that cause downtime and operational inefficiencies.


AVL EMOS™ enables the allocation of expenses to the correct cost center, defining KPIs for test results, calculating energy and operating costs, and providing important information for new investments in the tech center.

Load Management

AVL EMOS™ Management dynamically controls and adapts the number of tests running in parallel to avoid exceeding the overall power consumption limit.

Load Simulation

Based on the planned tests, a forecast of the expected power load is calculated, and the user can assess the viability of the proposed test schedule.

Flexibility for a Complete Overview

AVL EMOS visualizations, reports and interfaces are flexible and highly configurable. The software can act as a data source for existing BI tools, providing an integrated energy view into your existing data infrastructure.

Miguel Ochoa

AVL EMOS™ empowers test fields with a scalable and modular energy management solution. It enables informed decision-making, facilitates regulatory compliance, streamlines buildings permitting processes and reduces the power requirements from utility providers.”

Miguel Ochoa, AVL EMOS Head of Development, AVL , AVL Iberica S.A.

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Highly Efficient Energy Management.

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Turnkey Facility Solutions

AVL Turnkey Facility Solutions offers our customers holistic solutions. By holistic we mean the complete solution including the measurement and test technology itself. We specialize in integrating test systems into existing or new test facilities.

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AVL Tech Center Modules

Customer requirements show the need for additional test capacity for ambitious product development plans. AVL Tech Center Modules significantly shorten this process. The flexible, location-independent and easily relocatable modular test system is particularly helpful.

AVL Brick and Mortar Solution
AVL Brick-and-Mortar Solution

Our customer base is global, with test facilities located worldwide. They frequently request our support in modernizing or repurposing their existing facilities. Our services cover the full spectrum of tech center development, from planning to operation, considering the needs greenfield and brownfield sites.

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Energy Management Solutions

Due to new technologies, processes and regulations, tech centers became more complex. These new developments impact both energy consumption and testing costs. At AVL, we see it as our responsibility to act in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner while fulfilling the highest technical, economic, and quality requirements.

AVL customer support
Customer Support

The primary goal for our AVL Customer Support Teams is, to be a helpful and reliable partner for all kind of questions and issues you might have, when using AVL’s technology.

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