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Future testing solutions for the aerospace and aviation industry.

While reducing carbon emissions in aviation is a major challenge of today, leveraging electrification and fuel cell applications is the key solution in the field. From small electric aircraft, to vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL), to urban air mobility vehicles, the range of developments underway is broad. But so are the challenges. As a legacy automotive company, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in powertrain testing that matches today's requirements. As a result, we are well equipped to meet the challenges of aerospace validation and testing.

Designing and developing all battery electric aircraft is no small feat. To lift a vehicle into the air, you have to deal with and overcome the force of gravity. Conventional approaches have taken a long time to develop, and aviation engineering has a rich history. Learning from the past has isolated two major challenges for the future. One is that batteries must be energy dense and able to withstand heavy discharge. The other is powerful and fast yet lightweight electric motors to power the take-off and landing of the aircraft.

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Battery Test Systems

Modern electric powertrains place high demands on batteries. They have to provide high power and energy for a long time and handle extremely dynamic charging and discharging processes without any problems. To support battery development tasks, we provide the right tools with AVL Battery Test Systems. These "plug-and-play" solutions are stand-alone or containerized battery testbeds that can be delivered as a turnkey solution, ready to use, without the need for further customization. It enables fast and rigorous development and validation for any type of battery and ensure a high return on investment.

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E-Motor Test Systems

Drivetrains for aircraft and other airborne vehicles can use a variety of electric motor technologies, such as permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), asynchronous motors (ASM), or electrically excited synchronous motors (EESM). Add to this new inverter technologies such as Silicon Carbide (SiC), and the complexity of developing and testing e-powertrain systems becomes apparent. AVL has a broad portfolio of dedicated e-motor test systems, software, tools and processes to test and validate these advanced e-powertrain systems in the shortest possible time while ensuring highest quality standards.

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AVL Inverter TS_2
Inverter Test Systems

The inverter is very complex, and its behavior and handling influence the vehicle experience significantly. Therefore, it needs to be tested and developed without further influences of other components. That is why a dedicated test system (TS) is required which enables the testing of the inverter – independently from the e-motor and already in an early development phase. Such an optimized testing environment results in an efficient verification process and shorter time needed compared to the testing of the Unit Under Test (UUT) in a real-world prototype vehicle. → Learn more

Testbed Automation with AVL PUMA 2™

Our leading automation system is easily extendable to suit modern testing methods and ensures consistent and transparent testbed configuration. AVL PUMA 2™ provides an easy way to configure testbed parameters while offering the unique opportunity of immediate validation. When used in the office, AVL PUMA 2™ enables a considerable part of the testbed configuration work to be frontloaded. This reduces testbed downtime and maximizes the output and efficiency of complex calibration tasks. → Learn more

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The aviation industry is currently facing great opportunities in the form of urban air mobility. With our solutions and test systems, you can speed up development, and realize a shorter time to market.”

– Sascha Heinecke, Director Sales Industry Solutions, AVL List GmbH

Aviation and Aerospace Testing – Brochure

Testing Competence and Solutions for the Aerospace and Aviation Industry.

Battery Testing for Urban Air Mobility – Solution Sheet

Boost your battery test process.

E-Motor Testing for Urban Air Mobility – Solution Sheet

Optimum view of speed and torque.

Battery Emulation for Urban Air Mobility – Use Case

Best-in-class measurement and control accuracy.

Success Story – “Battery Testing for Lilium eVTOL”

Expertise and test equipment for success in battery development.

AVL SPECTRA™ Universal Inverter – Solution Sheet

Versatile testing device for future-proof e-motor and inverter development.

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AVL PUMA 2™ Battery

AVL´s intuitive automation system for battery testing, from cell to module and pack.

AVL Puma 2 e-motor
AVL PUMA 2™ E-Motor

The best-in-class automation system for e-motor testing.

e-motor performance
E-Motor Testing Solutions

AVL has a wide portfolio consisting of dedicated e-motor test systems, software, tools, and processes to test and validate these modern e-drive systems in shortest time and with highest quality standards.

Inverter Testing Solutions

The inverter is very complex, and its behavior and handling influence the driving experience significantly. It needs to be tested and developed without further influences of other components. Learn more about our test system (TS) for inverter. 

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Battery Testing Solutions

For battery (module/pack) testing, we offer complete test systems, stand-alone equipment, or even entire turnkey test labs.

PUMA 2 Inverter
AVL PUMA 2™ Inverter

AVL PUMA 2™ Inverter is a comprehensive automation system for inverter testing, offering everything you need in one place 

Fuel cell technologies have come a long way in the last decades through multiple innovation cycles. With AVL Fuel Cell Test Systems we are supporting our customers with proven solutions in every step of their development cycle. AVL’s deep technology and application expertise in testing solutions and strategic partnerships are making our know-how available to new and existing markets. The range of solutions is covering all testing needs from cell, stack to system testing and are supporting the entire development of fuel cell technologies.

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Fuel Cell Development, Simulation and Testing

AVL’s comprehensive worldwide network of experts allows best customer vicinity, ensuring consistent and connecting testing fields globally. Wherever your R&D challenges take you, we are always close at hand, ready to provide the service you need.

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EcoVision Award
AVL received the Global EcoVision Award for achievements in Hungary

AVL List GmbH received the Global EcoVision Award from WKÖ in the presence of Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer, Federal Minister Martin Kocher, and WKÖ President Harald Mahrer for the achievements in Hungary.

AVL at the 44th Vienna Motor Symposium
AVL at the 44th Vienna Motor Symposium

What kind of cars will we be driving in the future? These and other exciting questions around the topic of "Future Mobility" were addressed by more than 1,000 participants from 25 countries at the international 44th Vienna Motor Symposium. The tenor: Future automobiles will be CO2-neutral.

Honorary Citizenship Helmut List
Helmut List Awarded Honorary Citizen of the City of Graz

For his services, Prof. Helmut List was today awarded honorary citizenship of the city of Graz.

AVL Brain
AVL Records Growth of 18 Percent and Continues to Invest in New and Sustainable Mobility Solutions

AVL generated 1.86 billion Euros in turnover last year – Eleven percent flows into research and development – 60 percent of the turnover is already generated by new technologies.

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