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Aiming for Carbon Neutrality: Experiences and Perspectives From a Current Sensor Maker

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Carbon neutrality is a complex and long-term process that requires a commitment to continuous improvement. In the third part of the AVL and Strategy Engineers webinar series, LEM's Quentin Piat will share his experience from a customer point of view about used CO2 assessment methodologies used for scopes 1 to 3, present some assessment results, and identify measures to reduce GHG emissions in their production facilities.

Key topics and takeaways

  • Inside knowledge from a top current sensing company committed to achieving net-zero targets for scopes 1 and 2 emissions by 2025 and for scope 3 emissions by 2040
  • Transformation of methodology into action in a complex and rapidly evolving business
  • Concrete examples of what measures can be taken to sustainably reduce a company's CO2 emissions in a competitive environment
Recording available - 60 min
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Martin Rothbart
Senior Product Manager Energy & Sustainability
AVL List GmbH


Arndt von Gregory
Strategy Engineers


Quentin Piat
Head of Sustainability
LEM Holding SA


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