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Real Driving Emissions (RDE)

The upcoming EU6d Emission Regulation will implement Real Driving Emissions as an additional type approval requirement within the 2017 - 2020 timeframe. The Real Driving Emissions (RDE) legislation is adding the road as a new environment for emission testing and certification. Compared to current test environments, which are designed and optimized for perfect reproducibility and a removal of external influences, driving a vehicle on the road under "real-life" conditions will never be 100%...

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AVL CONCERTO 5™ - Road Converter Toolbox

Toolbox for road virtualization

The AVL CONCERTO 5™ - Road Converter Toolbox is based on the AVL CONCERTO 5™ platform and consists of several applications for RDE testing on different testbeds. It allows the analysis and conversion of RDE test drives into virtual test runs. As such, the toolbox is an essential productivity software for RDE testing.

AVL M.O.V.E iS - Your fast track to RDE success


RDE compliant Portable Emission Measurement System for particle number

The AVL M.O.V.E PN PEMS iS extends the system portfolio of the industry standard M.O.V.E iS by a new particle number measurement module providing an AVL “All-in-One” Solution.
The AVL M.O.V.E GAS PEMS iS Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) is designed to measure NO/NO2 and CO/CO2 concentrations in the exhaust gas of diesel and gasoline vehicles. It features a compact, lightweight and robust design based on AVL's experience with the existing AVL GAS PEMS 493 and PEMS testing.
A compact Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) for measuring the THC, NO/NO2, CO/CO2 and O2 concentrations within the exhaust gas of diesel and gasoline vehicles.

The smart way to measure PM on-board.


Portable Soot and PM Measurement Device on Board a Vehicle

The AVL PM PEMS iX is an easy-to-install, compact, robust and precise portable emission measurement system for the determination of real-time soot and PM (particulate matter) emissions within the exhaust gas of diesel and gasoline engines.
The AVL M.O.V.E System Control is the central unit for controlling measurement devices, automatic test execution, data acquisition process, calculation and visualization.
AVL CONCERTO M.O.V.E is a powerful post-processing tool specifically designed to automatically handle AVL M.O.V.E data.
Based on strong powertrain and vehicle development know-how, AVL has created a new in-vehicle measurement platform. AVL M.O.V.E is a mobile testing platform that provides real-life data and seamless methods for integrated performance, emissions and driveability calibration. It is a compact and robust solution for a wide range of in-vehicle measurement applications.

AVL Emissions Development

Real Driving Emissions & CO₂ compliant - meeting all global emissions legislations

AVL offers leading solutions to meet today’s and tomorrow’s stringent emission legislations with different goals in different markets. They are robust, reliable cost-efficient and compliant with CO2 and RDE requirements as well.
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