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The primary goal for our AVL Customer Support Teams is, to be a helpful and reliable partner for all kind of questions and issues you might have, when using AVL’s technology. The IoT opened a new chapter of technical support possibilities, which we apply to your convenience and benefit. Our skilled support engineers provide information and solutions either remotely, onsite (e.g. service interventions or start-up support) or you get them fully digital via web applications.

Environmental protection is an important part of AVL’s overall strategy. Thus, our innovative support solutions consider CO2 reduction as a self-conception. We aim for customer proximity, reduction of travels as well as self-service possibilities.  

Without the positive mindset of our support engineers, AVL Customer Support would not achieve the high customer satisfaction rating, we get from you since many years. Even if technology changes rapidly – the ambition and mindset of our people is and will be the core element for being a valuable partner for you. Support is people business and will remain people business.

AVL Customer Support

Our support engineers frequently pass internal training programs, which keep their technical skills on a high level. Our AVL Skills Center certify their knowledge for products and systems and thus ensures quality when you get solutions from them. Our globally introduced AVL support process, which is constantly monitored via key performance indicators, facilitates transparency and continuous improvement in what we do for you.

AVL Customer Support

The technological possibilities to support you are constantly evolving – mainly driven by the Internet of Things (IoT). This is the reason why we have introduced a dedicated Digital Transformation Team within AVL Customer Services, some years ago. You get information anytime and anywhere, fast and transparent with easy accessibility. Time-consuming process steps, such as the analysis of a problem that has occurred in the test systems, are step-by-step taken over by digital tools.

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AVL Customer Support

Our digital interaction tools enable you to benefit from the digital transformation progress. They integrate ERP and CRM systems into complete web-based solutions. The easy accessibility of information and the transparency of communicated information boost the support process efficiency and help to identify improvement potentials across the entire solution chain.

AVL Start-Up and Operation Support
Start-Up and Operation Support

Our approach of AVL Start-Up and Operation Support makes your operators comfortable with the most important operational steps and test procedures in the shortest time possible.

Hotline Support

Our Hotline Support will assist you with any technical problems or questions you may have when using AVL Testing Solutions. This service is available for you via email or phone. Our global network of hotlines ensures support in your local language within local working hours.

In times of rapid change, uncertainty and unpredictability, a partner offering stability and continuity is of significant importance. AVL is such a dependable partner. Our global footprint is constantly growing to ensure proximity to our customers, and we strive for long-term partnership with them. AVL has proven its ambitious customer orientation and dedication in the recent global economic difficulties. AVL Customer Services is a reliable value provider - in good times and in turbulent times.

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