Start-Up and Operation Support

Makes your operators comfortable with the most important operational steps and test procedures in the shortest time possible.

AVL Start-Up and Operation Support

AVL’s Start-Up and Operation Support by AVL Application Services enables you to right away operate your test lab with high security levels, best performance, and fast return on invest. Your operators will experience a smooth testing business start, gain confidence when using the equipment as well as rapidly increase their know how. 

Our customers invest in new equipment and software with the goal of being able to efficiently and effectively handle their current and future development tasks. To achieve this, it is important that new solutions can be integrated quickly into existing infrastructure and processes and thereby ensure a seamless transition from commissioning to highly productive testing operation.
The following needs should be addressed during this process by providing operators with expert guidance and thereby giving them confidence in their own skills:
•    Enable a smooth operational start 
•    Avoid beginner’s mistakes
•    Ensure safe and intuitive testing operation
•    Achieve high productivity and quality

AVL Start-Up and Operation Support
AVL Start-Up and Operation Support

AVL Start-Up and Operation Support helps you to quickly start productive testing operations in a new testing facility from AVL. In particular, the test systems and all connected components are prepared with regard to the testing tasks. 
The operating personnel are professionally guided through the first steps and acquainted with the safety functions of the systems. Best practices are taught, and user interfaces can be customized according to your requirements.
Furthermore, automated tests are prepared and made ready for execution. This is done using the latest testing and development methodology, which we also introduce you to.

Fast achievement of targets

Our experience and know-how in testing methodology support you in quickly achieving your productivity targets.

Extended know-how transfer 

Through hands-on support from our experienced Start-up and Operation Support engineers, industry best-practices are shared. 

Confident staff

With a strong partner at their side, your employees will quickly gain confidence in the new technology and their own abilities.


An AVL Start-Up and Operation Support engineer comes on-site for a specific period of time to work with you and guide the operating personnel as well as the development departments in the best use of the test equipment. This support focuses on specific customer projects, enables high quality and supports the fulfillment of productivity goals.


As with on-site Start-Up and Operation Support, an experienced engineer supports you, in this case using remote tools. Best practices are exchanged in online meetings and special remote workshops. This form of Start-Up and Operation Support is particularly suitable for already experienced customers who need assistance in using new features.


This particular form of Start-Up and Operation Support is primarily about implementing a new methodology not only technically into the system, but also building trust within the organization. For this purpose, an experienced methodology engineer supports all relevant departments in using the new methodology profitably.

Other Solutions

AVL Testing Products and Software
All Testing Products and Software

For every purpose, we offer you a comprehensive range of standalone testing instruments and software solutions.

AVL Application Support
Application Support

AVL Application Support is the right hub for any application and adaptation, related to Software.

AVL E-Library
AVL E-Library

AVL’s E-Library is a mindful solution that introduces simplicity when dealing with e-testing complexity, provides a fast track to productivity, and offers reassurance that targets will be met – putting your mind at ease and allowing you to enter the market with full confidence.

Resident Services
Resident Services

AVL Resident Services address primary (e.g.: operating testbeds) and secondary processes (e.g.: maintenance of devices) of propulsion system  testing. They complement and support your own capabilities and help to optimize the total cost of ownership.

Testbed Operations
Testbed Operations

AVL Testbed Operations help to close resource gaps and secure productivity in your test lab. We take over defined testing tasks, which starts from operating a testbed up to operating entire test labs.

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