Service Contracts

Individual. Adaptable. Managed.

AVL Service Contracts

Collaboration needs a frame with targets and defined rules as well as reliable partners. AVL is well known as a reliable and trusted partner within the automotive industry and beyond, since many decades – we care for our customers.  

With our individually tailored Service Contracts, we fulfill specific service needs in technical and organizational environments. We integrate our services into our customers` processes, provide transparency of our deliverables and review our performance regularly with them. 

Our global AVL service network facilitates local single site contracts as well as global contracts, performed in different countries at multiple sites. We are where you are. 

Certainty in budget planning is another important aspect that our customers need. With our business model - based on price flat rates and defined billing periods - we also meet this requirement. 

Change is continuously happening – sometimes more, sometime less. Therefore the needs of our customers change over time as well. Our AVL Customer Services credo is ‘Adaptable to change’ – with AVL Service Contracts we provide stability and flexibility at the same time.  

To ensure doing the right things at the right time with the right quality level, the rules for continuous improvement are part of our service contracts. Regular feedback loops and alignments allow contractual adaptions over time. Flexibility and agility are key stakes within our managed service contracts offering and execution.

Service Contracts

Fact-based collaboration is what everybody is aiming for. It simply reduces effort in many aspects and ensures doing the right things. AVL Customer Services provides a variety of smart digital tools which display operational and health status data directly from the equipment. For issue handling we provide a case tracking tool, which simplifies and structure the interaction between our customers and AVL. 

The data is visualized on web-based applications, which then offer a common source of information for all stakeholders within a service contract. This fact-based information is an important contribution for the continuous improvement cycle, as well as for the risk management in regards of testing operation.  


A service contract is based on customer defined targets which need to be monitored. Undefined targets might lead to different expectations of stakeholders when executing a service contract. Therefore, we always aim for a joint definition of key performance indicators, which can be measured, monitored, and reported.

Transparency and clarity are important success factors for AVL Service Contracts, besides the most important one, which of course is the performance of the agreed deliverables.   



Service Contracts

As a global company, teamwork is in our AVL DNA. That’s the reason why our Service Contracts can easily be applied among organizational or geographical boundaries. With our Service Contracts we team-up with customers and combine knowledge and experience from both parties. Over decades we have proven our ability to close service gaps for test labs or for testing vehicles, to finally strengthen our customer’s position.  

Customer Services Operation Manager Germany

With „Managed Service Contracts“ we deliver individual solutions adapted to our customers specific needs. In a rapidly changing and demanding testing environment we focus on performance and take every opportunity to improve. This is our commitment to you in providing value-added services, which is reflected in our long-standing customer loyalty for many years.

- Maximilian Fluck, Manager Integrated Service Center at AVL Germany


Rapidly changing IT environments, emissions legislation, safety threads, and technology trends require a continuous adaption of all testing systems. 
AVL CARE™ take all these aspects into account.

Resident Services
Resident Services

AVL Resident Services address primary (e.g.: operating testbeds) and secondary processes (e.g.: maintenance of devices) of propulsion system  testing. They complement and support your own capabilities and help to optimize the total cost of ownership.

Testbed Operations
Testbed Operations

AVL Testbed Operations help to close resource gaps and secure productivity in your test lab. We take over defined testing tasks, which starts from operating a testbed up to operating entire test labs.

In times of rapid change, uncertainty and unpredictability, a partner offering stability and continuity is of significant importance. AVL is such a dependable partner. Our global footprint is constantly growing to ensure proximity to our customers, and we strive for long-term partnership with them. AVL has proven its ambitious customer orientation and dedication in the recent global economic difficulties. AVL Customer Services is a reliable value provider - in good times and in turbulent times. 

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