Relying on global competences

The proper function of state-of-the-art testbed systems strongly depends on the functionality of its software and the availability of the corresponding measurement technology. As data management is becoming more important due to rising data volumes, availability and quality of information have evolved into key factors for accurate development decisions. Rapidly changing IT environments, emissions legislation, safety threats, and technology trends require a continuous adaption of all testing systems. 
AVL CARE™ Software and/or Hardware Support agreements take all these aspects into account and are the perfect solution for coping with the challenges.

AVL testbed systems with its software and the corresponding measurement technology enable you to achieve your goals and secure your place in the market. However, this is only true if the systems are running properly and are being used in the most appropriate way. Breakdowns must be avoided at all cost.


With AVL CARE™ you are granted access to our 24/7 self-service portal. Here you will find all your service information and the latest documentation. You can download updates of the latest versions and review release schedules. 
You are supported by a personal contact who is aware of the status of the installed systems and is available during standard office hours via phone, email, or our AVL case tracking environment. Your personal contact is committed to getting your problems solved with minimal disruption, supported by a global network of experts. Remote access provided in real time ensures effective troubleshooting if needed. 
Once a problem is identified a solution is provided within the shortest possible time. In case of software defects, a corrective software patch is provided to solve the issue.

Up to date Software 

Download the latest updates for your Software and review the Software release schedule via our 24/7 self-service portal.

Minimized downtimes

Get support by a personal contact aware of the status of the installed systems (Hardware and Software) at your site within a pre-defined response time.

Rapid closure of security gaps

Keep your Software up to date through software release rollout support.

Fast problem resolution

In case a software defect is detected a corrective software patch is provided.

Software qualification on a Digital Twin

Before the rollout of a corrective software patch, an enhancement or maintenance release the functionality is ensured through software qualification on a digital twin.

Other Solutions

AVL Testing Products and Software
All Testing Products and Software

For every purpose, we offer you a comprehensive range of standalone testing instruments and software solutions.

AVL Service Contracts
Service Contracts

Collaboration needs a frame with targets and defined rules as well as reliable partners. AVL is well known as a reliable and trusted partner within the automotive industry and beyond, since many decades – we care for our customers.  

AVL Customer Service Software Maintenance
Services for Software

We are providing Services for Software (S4S) to make sure, you always keep up with the demands on your testing software and keep its value throughout its entire lifecycle.

Application and Process Services

Application Support is a high-level engineering service aiming to support both testing facility as well as development engineers in making best use of the available testing system.

AVL Skills Center Training
AVL Skills Center Training

Knowledge transfer for toolchains and applications tailored to your needs.

Services for Equipment
Services for Equipment

To appropriately manage the test equipment in a test lab or in a test vehicle, is one of the most underrated tasks within the propulsion development process.

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