Resident Services

Focus on the core competences of your value creation chain

AVL Resident Services address primary (e.g.: operating testbeds) and secondary processes (e.g.: maintenance of devices) of propulsion system  testing. They complement and support your own capabilities and help to optimize the total cost of ownership.

Test facility managers are frequently confronted with complex testing demands that come with the necessity to meet the requirements of modern propulsion systems development. Cost of testing as well as know-how aspects are challenged continuously. The speed of the technological change, boosts these challenges additionally. 


With an on-site team of specialists, we can offer you well-planned, comprehensive and cost-effective support services. These include test cell operation, user and application support, maintenance, repair, and calibration, as well as parts management and the professional coordination of sub-contractors.
Furthermore, our dedicated support in adapting the testing environment to meet your evolving requirements ensures equipment innovation cycles. These services expand the focus from a purely product-based view to encompass the complete test facility and workflow. This includes both third-party equipment and facility infrastructure.

Increase testbed availability and utilization

We are delivering dedicated support in adapting the testing environment to meet your evolving requirements.

Focusing on core competences

While focusing on your core competences let us take care about primary and secondary (supporting) activities. 

Reduce total cost of ownership

Let us take over primary and secondary (support) activities by contributing our years of experience in this field of activity.

Other Solutions

AVL Testing Products and Software
All Testing Products and Software

For every purpose, we offer you a comprehensive range of standalone testing instruments and software solutions.

AVL Service Contracts
Service Contracts

Collaboration needs a frame with targets and defined rules as well as reliable partners. AVL is well known as a reliable and trusted partner within the automotive industry and beyond, since many decades – we care for our customers.  

Application and Process Services

Application Support is a high-level engineering service aiming to support both testing facility as well as development engineers in making best use of the available testing system.

Services for Equipment
Services for Equipment

To appropriately manage the test equipment in a test lab or in a test vehicle, is one of the most underrated tasks within the propulsion development process.

AVL Customer Service Software Maintenance
Services for Software

We are providing Services for Software (S4S) to make sure, you always keep up with the demands on your testing software and keep its value throughout its entire lifecycle.

AVL customer support
Customer Support

The primary goal for our AVL Customer Support Teams is, to be a helpful and reliable partner for all kind of questions and issues you might have, when using AVL’s technology.

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