Testbed Operations

Fill the gap when you are short of staff

Testbed Operations

AVL Testbed Operations help to close resource gaps and secure productivity in your test lab. These gaps can e.g. occur due to a lack of staff in a period of high work load or e.g. while you ramp up / train your staff. We take over defined testing tasks in your test lab, which starts from operating a testbed up to operating entire test labs.

Typically this service is requested when your test lab is ready to be fully operational but staffing is still ongoing respectively skilled personnel is not available yet. 

Additionally, the development cycles in the propulsion business are increasingly dynamic which could lead to workload peaks in the test lab and the subsequent need of skilled personnel.

Fluctuation of staff is another issue, testfield managers have to cope with. Resource gaps on short term might occur.
Recruiting and training of new employees is a rather long term activity respectively sometimes limited due to  budgetary constraints. 

Testbed Operations
Testbed Operations

AVL Testbed Operations deliver the manpower to fill the gaps when operating your test lab. This service address the primary processes of your testing business – such as testbed operation. It can be extended up to running an entire test lab. 

Defines tasks linked to agreed KPI’s ensure quality and performance in our delivery. If you look for a skilled and reliable partner who can provide such a service – here you are. 

Being productive from day one

While you are ramping up your staff we take over and do the job.

Overcoming busy periods

We will deliver the manpower and know-how to close the gap caused by e.g. workload peaks.

Focusing on your core competences

You can focus on your strength in the testing process, and we do the rest.

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