Hardware Repair

Repair services after unplanned downtime

Hardware Repair

In case of a breakdown, we offer a range of services to minimize operational downtime by restoring equipment to its full functionality as quickly as possible – while providing alternative solutions in the meantime. If it is not possible to repair your equipment on site, we offer off-site factory repair services at certified repair centers, as well as rental equipment.

A flat-rate pricing system is available for most products and services to ensure easy cost planning. In more complex cases, cost and duration will be quoted separately. Pre-agreed rates may be detailed in a Service Level Agreement, and parts are charged at their list prices.

Broken equipment impacts scheduled testing tasks in your test-lab or for your in-vehicle testing; in worst case it makes it even impossible to execute them. It leads to unplanned machine downtime that can cause efficiency loss and failure to meet your testing targets. 


AVL On-site Repair & AVL Factory Repair
When a breakdown occurs, certified AVL service engineers provide an accurate and prompt error diagnosis. On site or at one of our certified repair centers.

Each repair is concluded with a report documenting the work performed, the parts exchanged and the possible root cause of the breakdown. With check-out tests conducted to ISO 9001 and VDA 6.4 standards, our customers can take confidence in the repair work carried out.

AVL Equipment Rental
Should you require a replacement device while your equipment is being repaired, maintained or calibrated, AVL has a rental pool of its standard measurement instruments. This is a cost-efficient way of ensuring continuity of the productive operation.

Rental equipment is available for the duration of the service assignment. Pick-up and commissioning services can also be provided on request.


A global skill certification program for AVL service engineers ensures high standards and professional repair worldwide.


Flat rate prices and defined working packages allow transparency regarding cost and repair lead time.

Global Footprint

Repair centers around the globe and on-site repair optimize repair lead times.


Uniform processes and standards for repair tasks, executed by our certified service engineers, lead to high performance and quality when executing them.

Other Solutions

AVL Testing Products and Software
All Testing Products and Software

For every purpose, we offer you a comprehensive range of standalone testing instruments and software solutions.

AVL Spare Parts Management
Spare Parts Management

AVL Spare Parts Management is a range of services that make the procurement and supply of critical and non-critical spare parts as smooth and efficient as possible

Hardware Maintenance
Hardware Maintenance

The AVL Hardware Maintenance program is conducted on site by certified AVL Service Engineers to ensure the longevity of your device and to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

AVL Calibration Services
Calibration Services

To ensure the correctness of measured data, is as challenging as it is critical to your product development processes. Regular calibration of your measurement instruments is essential, to secure technical credibility of your laboratory and avoid cost due to possible repetition of testing tasks.

Hotline Support

Our Hotline Support will assist you with any technical problems or questions you may have when using AVL Testing Solutions. This service is available for you via email or phone. Our global network of hotlines ensures support in your local language within local working hours.

Resident Services
Resident Services

AVL Resident Services address primary (e.g.: operating testbeds) and secondary processes (e.g.: maintenance of devices) of propulsion system  testing. They complement and support your own capabilities and help to optimize the total cost of ownership.


Rapidly changing IT environments, emissions legislation, safety threads, and technology trends require a continuous adaption of all testing systems. 
AVL CARE™ take all these aspects into account.

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