Spare Parts Management

Fast Procurement and Supply of Spare Parts

Spare Parts

AVL Spare Parts Management is a range of services that make the procurement and supply of critical and non-critical spare parts as smooth and efficient as possible.

Our standard spare part portfolio consists of more than 8.000 globally standardized spare parts, consumables, wear parts, maintenance kits as well as factory refurbished parts.

Our service ensures that you receive the spare parts you need, when you need them, thus avoiding unplanned downtime, minimizing process cost, and reducing fixed capital.

Our customers are unique and so are their strategies. You need a strong global partner, that can adapt to your needs and support you to achieve your goals.

  • Testbed availability targets
  • Total procurement costs
  • Replenish on demand, customer inventory or consignment stock
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Single- vs. multisourcing
  • Reactive vs. preventive approach
  • Global strategy and local availability
AVL Spare Parts Management
AVL Spare Parts Management

A worldwide standardized spare parts portfolio is efficiently provided through our global logistics network. Stocks of critical parts are held for you centrally as well as locally.

We offer transparency through our AVL eShopTM and efficient processing with a high degree of automation.

The spare parts services you need depend on the devices and systems installed and your own requirements in terms of testbed availability. 

We are happy to help you analyze your requirements and to develop an appropriate spare parts management strategy for your specific needs at no extra cost.

Efficient ordering & delivery process

Pre-packaged critical parts are usually shipped with a high level of automation within 24 hours including online track & traceability.

Reduce complexity in procurement

AVL Part Management covers over 8.000 parts from more than 400 suppliers which lowers efforts for multi-supplier management.

Global delivery from multiple logistic centers

In addition to our central inventory, local hubs cover common and critical parts typical of the customer's installed base in each region.

Reduced capital lock

The flexibility and reliability of AVL Spare Part Management enables customers to hold smaller on-site part inventories.

Factory refurbished parts

Same value at a lower price. Save money and resources. 

AVL eShopTM  the 24/7 Information Platform

Easy-to-use part identification, information download, self-service quotation, and quick ordering with track & trace. Anytime, anywhere.
Open AVL eShop™ here, if you are already registered. 
Request access here, if you do not yet have access to AVL eShop™.

AVL Spare Parts Support Plan

For parts that are more critical than others, or which are customer-specific and hard to procure at short notice, an individual Spare Parts Support Plan with procurement lead times can be drawn up to ensure you are always covered.

AVL Quick Stock

A defined inventory of critical customer relevant spare parts (consignment stock) is kept at the customer’s facility, at a logistics partner or at the nearest AVL office. AVL is responsible for managing the stock. Spare parts are invoiced as consumed.

Electronic Catalogs 

Our entire online catalog of spare parts can be easily imported into the eProcurement platform of your choice, using common categorizations standards (eClass, UNSPSC) and BMEcat or cXML compliant formats. If required, customer-specific adaptions can also be taken into consideration.

Thomas Hüttner

When a part fails, it is often needed urgently and at short notice. That's why our customers appreciate the combination of our global stocks with the 24/7 availability of a webshop to identify parts, retrieve information, create and download a self-service quote, or place an order directly and track its status with just a few clicks.

–Thomas Hüttner, Global Portfolio Manager at AVL List

Other Solutions

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Hotline Support

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