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The test system for integrated perfection.
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With the shift towards electrification comes a high demand for test systems that focus solely on e-axles. These test systems must cover the requirements and test standards for e-motor, inverter and transmission. The innovation speed of our customers requires system solutions which are productive in the shortest time. As the focus is only on developing single or twin motor e-axles, a dedicated test system for service life-time testing, and evaluating performance, efficiency, and thermal management is the key to success.

An e-axle or electric drive unit (EDU) integrates the components electric motor, transmission and inverter. Modern e-axle systems are designed to be very compact, with highest power density, and optimized in terms of efficiency, performance, and driveability. These integrated e-axles are a sub-system where the individual components could not be separated for testing. Thus the test system has to fulfill the requirements and test standards for inverter, e-motor, and transmission testing with regards to service-lifetime, performance, and thermal behaviour.

But how to save time and cost? The challenge is figuring out how much to spend on a specific test system to speed up e-axle development to be productive in testing in the shortest time. Systems must be easy to install without affecting productivity of existing developments, and shall be expandable to meet future demands without a big cost impact.

e-axle testbed
Minimized TCO

Pre-engineered solution to be productive in testing as soon as possible.

Increased Efficiency

Accelerate your productivity with a seamless integration of all tools including the automation system.

High Sustainability

Systems are build with regards to use minimum electrical grid power.

Predictive Maintenance

Efficient test planning with predictive maintenance.


The AVL E-Axle TS™ Performance is a built-to-order solution to develop and validate your light-duty e-axle, regardless of it may be a single motor or a twin motor axle. Shortest delivery time permits you to be productive with in-service lifetime and thermal endurance testing as well as analyzing electrical, mechanical and thermal characteristics. The AVL E-Axle TS™ Performance consists of two dynamometers as load system which are installed on one common frame. This frame does not require a specific testbed pit and can be set up on any industrial floor.

The UUT support frame enables fast and easy handling, and can be used in the outside rigging area. This increases efficiency by reducing testbed down time. Our climatic chambers and conditioning systems enable testing under different climatic and humidity conditions. This type of testing, such as HTOE and PTCE, is mandatory in e-drive development. The integrated DC source in the inverter reduces needed grid power. The solution is designed to be installed in a container. With this pre-tested containerized solution you can start testing within weeks.

Load System Per Wheel
Max. Power 330 – 616 kW
Max. Speed 3.000 rpm
Max. Torque 4.850 – 7.000 Nm
DC Source  
Max. Power 250 – 550 kW
DC Output Voltage 20 – 1.200 V
Max. Current 1.100 A
Climatic Chamber  
Test Space (W x D x H) 1.400 x 900 x 1.000 mm
Temperature range –40 – 85 °C
Temperature gradient 4 °C/min
e-axle testbed

The selection of mechanical and electrical measuring techniques affects the optimal functioning of the AVL E-Axle TS™ Performance. It is comprised of the flexible automation system AVL PUMA 2™ with the integrated control system, two dynamometers as load system, a DC source to supply the power electronics of the e-axle, a conditioning unit and a climatic chamber. The compact design with a small footprint allows an easy and fast installation of AVL E-Axle TS™ Performance on any industrial floor. A test cell with a pit and a technical floor is not necessary.

Ready for Testing

Productive testing at your facility 7 months after order.

Versatile Solution

Small footprint and designed for any industrial floor.

Testing Efficiency

Optimized UUT rigging increases testing efficiency and reduces testbed down time.

Smart Energy Management

Reduced grid power due to integrated isolated DC source for your e-drive.

Small Installation Size

Compact testbed design of only 5.000 x 1.900 mm.

AVL Automation

AVL’s powerful PUMA 2 automation system allows systematic e-axle testing for a wide range of applications. It enables precise measurement and closed-loop control of key parameters such as speed and torque.

Energy Efficiency

Modern converter technology allows the integration of a galvanic isolated DC source to supply the power electronics of the e-axle into one drive cabinet. This reduces footprint and grid connection power.

Environmental Tests

Our climatic chambers and conditioning systems enable testing under different climatic conditions. This is mandatory to fulfill test standards such as HTOE and PTCE in e-drive development.

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With our in-house engineering department, we closely evaluate and actively shape the market and innovations in order to provide our customers with the best possible advice and support. Based on this application know-how, we develop e-axle test system solutions that ensure our customers achieve their development goals sustainably and efficiently.”

– Klaus Pfeiffer, System Line Manager, AVL Deutschland GmbH

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Productive testing at your facility seven months after order.

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Customer Services for Testing Solutions

The AVL Customer Services organization consists of more than 700 service- and application engineers worldwide, operating from more than 50 locations. Our global footprint is your local benefit.

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