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Adding test capacity has never been easier.

We offer high quality test system modules that can be up and running in only nine months.

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Market dynamics and our customer landscape clearly indicate that product development time is the critical factor in gaining competitive advantage. Numerous customer requests have demonstrated the urgency of adding test capacity to meet their ambitious product development schedules. With the AVL Tech Center Modules, the process of adding test capacity is greatly reduced. The test system module is flexible in terms of location, has low site requirements and can be relocated if required.

The demand for testing is highly dynamic. Adding additional test capacity is often urgent to meet product development needs to meet market release dates. Access to capital is a limiting factor and there is decreasing acceptance of tying up capital for many years before seeing the results. Adding new conventional brick-and-mortar test facilities takes a long time for planning, approval and construction. Several years elapse from identified need to available test capacity, increasing time to market and tying up capital.

Tech Center Modules
Extensive Approval Process

Getting the necessary approval for starting construction of new brick-and-mortar test facilities takes a long time.

Low Degree of Parallelization

While the approval process is running, many of the other activities cannot start, increasing the project time.

Commission-ing First at the End

With all coming together first at the construction site, the commissioning can first happen at the end of the project – with potential unwanted surprises.

Low Flexibility to Add Further Test Capacity

Additional space must be reserved in the facility hosting the test system if a later extension is desired.

Challenging Coordination of Suppliers

Building up a new test facility requires coordination of all involved suppliers, requiring experienced test facility project managers.

Lack of Mobility

A conventional test facility is stationary and cannot be moved to another location if later necessary.

A Huge Leap in Responsiveness

Our test systems are available in tech center modules that are quickly up and running. The solution consists of a fully integrated test system in a containerized format. The module can operate independently to a high degree, only requiring a flat surface to be located on and the necessary external power and media connections.

Through standardization, supply chain management and preemptive engineering efforts, we have significantly reduced the time from order to start of operation at the customer site. This provides our customers with optimal flexibility to respond to changing needs and limits their capital commitment.

Tech Center Modules


AVL has more than 20 years of experience in modular test solutions and has delivered more than 400 test systems worldwide.

Time Reduction

The module manufacturing process starts in parallel with the acquisition of official permits, enabling site preparation to be ready on delivery.

Low Site Requirements

The module only requires an industrial floor, electrical power and media connections to be operational.

Ready to Use

Designed for fast deployment, the module is pre-assembled at the AVL workshop, ensuring a short ramp-up time.

Minimum Capital Commitment

The shortened delivery time not only accelerates project progress but also gives decision-makers the flexibility of a late-stage investment.

Complete Solution Out of One Hand

A single point of contact for planning, manufacturing and supplier coordination with proven and tested compatibility of all components.

Tech Center Module

AVL Battery Pack TS™

The battery testing module is the cost effective and quickly available solution for climatic testing of packs and modules. A remarkable short delivery time is achieved by the optimization of standard solution using proven components. → Learn more


Tech Center Module

AVL E-Axle TS™

The e-axle testing module is the complete solution to develop, test, verify and validate an e-axle, with a single or dual motor setup. The delivery time has been reduced to a minimum while achieving a very attractive price. → Learn more


Tech Center Module

AVL Brake Emission TS™

The brake emission module addresses the extensive testing needs triggered by the upcoming brake wear emission legislation. It is offering capabilities beyond the GTR requirements, ready for testing in less than a year.
→ Learn more

stefan sohar

With our Tech Center Modules, we offer cost effective solutions that are up and running in a very short time. It is particularly valuable for customers who needs to act fast on changings needs and where the requirements on the installation location must be kept to a minimum.”

Stefan Sohar, Solution Engineer, AVL List GmbH

AVL Tech Center Solutions – Brochure

Gain a quick overview of our portfolio

AVL Tech Center Solutions – Booklet

From requirements to reality.

AVL E-Mobility Testing Solutions – Brochure

Tested and Trusted.

Tech Center Module – AVL Battery Pack TS™ – Solution Sheet

The fast track to battery testing excellence.

Tech Center Module – AVL Brake Emission TS™ – Solution Sheet

The fast Lane to ramp up brake emission testing.

Tech Center Module – AVL E-Axle TS™ – Solution Sheet

The fast lane to ramp up e-axle testing.

E-Axle Testing Solutions

At AVL, we develop e-axle solutions that can be easily installed without impacting the productivity of your engineering facility.

rendering e-axle testbed
AVL E-Axle TS™ Performance

With the shift towards electrification comes a high demand for test systems that focus solely on e-axles. These test systems must cover the requirements and test standards for E-Motor, inverter and transmission.

battery testbed
Battery Testing Solutions

For battery (module/pack) testing, we offer complete test systems, stand-alone equipment, or even entire turnkey test labs.

AVL Battery Module/Pack TS™

We offer complete test systems for the testing of modules/packs. Learn more about which hard- and software products are included in our test systems. 

e-motor performance
E-Motor Testing Solutions

AVL has a wide portfolio consisting of dedicated e-motor test systems, software, tools, and processes to test and validate these modern e-drive systems in shortest time and with highest quality standards.

Brake Wear Key Visual 16:9
AVL Brake Emission Solutions

The AVL Brake Wear Testing Solution is an all-in-one testing solution for the measurement of particle mass and number concentration of braking systems using a high-end brake dynamometer.

FuelCell Test Systems
AVL Fuel Cell Test Systems

In the search for green and sustainable mobility, AVL has addressed the challenges of developing and validating automotive fuel cell systems – from a single cell up to complete systems for various applications. 

TC Stuttgart
Hybrid and Engine Testing

AVL’s hybrid and engine test systems are highly flexible development environments for testing internal combustion engines and their hybrid components.

AVL Customer Services
Customer Services

Your success is our goal. This is what we are aiming for and this is how we understand AVL Customer Services since decades. Our goal is not new, but the way how we do it, is constantly evolving.

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