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The Toyota Mirai 2 FCV – A Serious Competitor to State-Of-The-Art BEVs?


The Toyota Mirai 2 is a mid-size hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV) and represents the second generation of the famous Toyota FCV platform for mass-production and commercial sales.Among other OEM specifications, the impressive range of 650 km at a price of € 60.000 make the Mirai 2 a candidate to be the benchmark mid-sized electric vehicle. But will real-world performance match Toyota’s claims? Wolfgang Fritz evaluates the Mirai 2’s fuel cell technology and overall performance and discuss how it measures up to its rivals and state-of-the-art BEVs.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Does the Mirai 2 set a new benchmark for hydrogen fuel cell passenger cars?
  • Overview of the technologies featured in the Mirai 2, including the fuel cell stack and the balance between performance, efficiency and cost
  • Can Toyota keep its promise of hydrogen consumption of 0.89 kg/100 km, and how does it handle the cooling and the cold start challenge?
  • How does the Mirai 2 achieve its high driving range at such a competitive price?
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