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Accelerate your product testing, certification and developing competency with AVL E-Library.

AVL E-Library

The rapid shift from conventional to electrified vehicles is disrupting the established powertrain testing and development approach. Time-to-market, cost reduction and boosted return for balanced investments are crucial factors for electrification testing and development.
AVL’s E-Library is a mindful solution that introduces simplicity when dealing with e-testing complexity, provides a fast track to productivity, and offers reassurance that targets will be met – putting your mind at ease and allowing you to enter the market with full confidence.

Due to the current change in technology towards electrification, test facilities and product development teams, at new entrants and established automotive firms alike, are facing critical challenges.

Electrification altered key premises since 
• Fundamental technology changed
• Required competency changed
• Qualified staff availability changed

Consequently, faster “time to market” has become crucial. Due to cost pressure, balanced investments and boosted returns are a pressing topic. At the core, product development, testing and building up of electrification competencies hinges on the much needed know-how.

Plug and Play

The E-Library comprises packaged ready-to-run global standard tests, along with intelligent data analysis and built-in reporting. It supports managers of test facilities and powertrain engineering in developing competent teams for self-confident electrification testing and product development.
This holistic solution is at the core of a harmonized approach. E-Library interlinks the EV testing know-how, power of test automation tools like AVL PUMA 2™, AVL LYNX 2™ and strength of data analytics tools like AVL CONCERTO 5™, AVL SANTORIN MX 2™, Python etc.
E-Library is as well capable to bring a harmonized approach to customer-specific environment and needs.


Compliance with global testing standards 


Fast ramp-up of productive E-testing 


Well-informed development decisions


Learning-by-doing for a steep learning curve

Packaged Test Methodology 

E-Library packages the know-how required by the respective global and regional testing standards and methods (e.g. ISO, SAE, GB etc.) together with AVL’s experience into a set of complete test procedures. The knowledge transfer of test methodologies and comparative studies of various global standards are provided as well. 

Ready to Run Tests

Automation system setup and test sequence scripting are typical time-consuming tasks. E-Library is a set of pre-built, validated and fully customizable test scripts that are ready to use. They can be implemented in your test lab with minimal activation effort. 

Instant Evaluation

Purposeful test data interpretation requires an effective post-processing chain (file handling, data analysis, calculation, graphics/plotting, report generation etc.). E-Library includes intelligent, automated data post-processing with built-in calculations, plots, report generation and email-based communication. This enables engineers to quickly assess the quality of measured data and the validity of test results. 

User Guidance and Documentation

Besides offering user guidance and documentation, advanced training on test methodology is optionally available. 

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