Hardware Maintenance

Preventative measures to avoid unexpected equipment breakdown

Hardware Maintenance

The AVL Hardware Maintenance program is conducted on site by certified AVL Service Engineers to ensure the longevity of your device and to prevent unexpected breakdowns. The exclusive use of original AVL parts and compliance to fixed maintenance procedures guarantee availability and quality.

Efficiency in testing operations is essential in today's world. This results in a special focus on downtimes and total cost of ownership, which must be constantly optimized. Therefore, unplanned downtime should be avoided proactively as it causes high and cost and planning insecurities.

Hardware Maintenance
Hardware Maintenance

Our competent service engineers carry out inspections and maintenance with technical professionalism and cost efficiency in mind. Using original spare parts guarantees high system reliability. AVL Hardware Maintenance assures the highest possible availability of the system and devices.

Preventative maintenance can also be carried out on third-party equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The maintenance programs are quoted transparently based on flat rates, so you can easily budget in advance. Whatever your requirements, a plan that works for you can be devised, without requiring investment in tools or manpower on your side.

Go from preventive to predictive – our AVL Maintenance Manager™ enables condition- and event-based maintenance planning and optimization, with smooth digital support.


Standardized preventive and predictive maintenance enable efficient usage of your equipment and avoid unplanned and long-lasting downtimes. 


Our transparently communicated maintenance flat rates enable you to plan your maintenance budget securely.


Maintenance schedules are optimized to your individual needs.


AVL Maintenance Manager™ visualizes the device's utilization level and informs about due dates for maintenance / calibration.


Our well-trained service engineers follow defined procedures and use original parts to ensure high quality maintenance.

Global Footprint

Based on our global service network, our service engineers are always close to you, to enable short maintenance durations and easy planning.


Globally standardized, clearly defined and described maintenance guides guarantee high quality maintenance in all areas.

Maintenance Kits

Predefined maintenance kits, that are optimized over time ensure availability of all regularly exchanged parts for long living equipment.

On Site Calibration

Where technically possible, our well trained and equipped service engineers perform calibration at customer site to support short stand still times of the equipment.

Solution Sheet for Hardware Maintenance

Other Solutions

AVL Testing Products and Software
All Testing Products and Software

For every purpose, we offer you a comprehensive range of standalone testing instruments and software solutions.

Services for Equipment
Services for Equipment

To appropriately manage the test equipment in a test lab or in a test vehicle, is one of the most underrated tasks within the propulsion development process.

AVL Spare Parts Management
Spare Parts Management

AVL Spare Parts Management is a range of services that make the procurement and supply of critical and non-critical spare parts as smooth and efficient as possible

Hardware Repair
Hardware Repair

In case of unplanned downtime, AVL offers a range of services to minimize downtime by restoring equipment to its full functionality as quickly as possible – while providing alternative solutions in the meantime.

AVL Calibration Services
Calibration Services

To ensure the correctness of measured data, is as challenging as it is critical to your product development processes. Regular calibration of your measurement instruments is essential, to secure technical credibility of your laboratory and avoid cost due to possible repetition of testing tasks.

Resident Services
Resident Services

AVL Resident Services address primary (e.g.: operating testbeds) and secondary processes (e.g.: maintenance of devices) of propulsion system  testing. They complement and support your own capabilities and help to optimize the total cost of ownership.

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