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Advanced Calibration of E-motor and Inverter

On E-Drive Testbed

When it comes to driving range, infrastructure and charging time, electric vehicles are still faced with skepticism in the public eye. One of the key aspects in maximizing the range of electric vehicles is an optimized calibration of both e-motor and inverter. To accomplish this, AVL has developed a toolchain for highly efficient and accurate testing, calibration and validation on e-drive testbeds.

Reduce Development and Testing Time
The seamless toolchain integration into the testbed ensures a maximum in testing efficiency, cutting both time and cost in your development effort. Another key benefit is the increased traceability of results as well as the high repeatability of measurement results. All in all, our advanced calibration tools for e-motor and inverter will help you to make your e-drive more efficient and extend your vehicle’s electric range considerably.

Further Benefits

  • 80% faster than a manual approach
  • Minimize Unit Under Test and testbed occupation time
  • Reduce your measurement effort thanks to consequent DoE utilization