Automate your Charge


With the need to accelerate product development and maximize productivity, a tool that manages all devices in the testbed is essential, particularly when it comes to battery testing. One consistent challenge is the creation of reproducible results as well as the ability to simultaneously run multiple automated tests on several channels.

How We Tackle It
AVL LYNX 2 is the preeminent battery test automation software application, designed for battery cell, module and pack testbeds. LYNX 2 is a reliable and flexible tool used by leading automotive and battery OEMs, certification entities and research facilities around the world. LYNX 2 ensures the highest productivity, result data quality, and operation efficiency possible – from single testbeds to entire test fields. Additionally, LYNX 2 is a proud member of the AVL Team SUITETM, our flexible and fully integrated test software platform.

Your Benefits

  • Increase productivity with standardization across the test field, using the best-in-class platform for battery cell, module and pack testing
  • Reduce capital expenditures with the capability to run concurrent tests on multiple batteries at the same time from a single automation system
  • Improved time to market through increased testing efficiency