Turbocharge your Combustion CFD


AVL TABKIN™ is a powerful combustion module enhancing CFD simulation results whilst shortening turn-around time. Chemistry tabulation is the most cost-effective way to include detailed chemistry in CFD simulations. AVL TABKIN™ embodies more than a decade of experience with chemistry tabulation for combustion applications.

Include more fuel chemistry in CFD

  • My CFD simulation with 150 chemical species takes forever to complete – can this go faster?

  • How can I use 2500 chemical species involved in state-of-the-art Diesel surrogate fuel chemistry in CFD?

  • What’s the best way to use proprietary fuel chemistry for knock predictions for racing applications?

Improve predictivity of CFD simulation

  • My current combustion CFD process requires a large calibration effort – which approach has least empiricism?

  • How can I overcome combustion CFD predictivity limitations to frontload my engine development process?

The AVL Solution
The use of chemistry tabulation with AVL TABKIN™ speeds-up CFD with detailed chemistry, making the use of state-of-the-art fuel chemistry feasible within engineering project lead times.

At the same time, AVL TABKIN™ accounts for key physics that improves the predictivity of the CFD simulations, whether for Diesel engines, gasoline engines or advanced combustion concepts like Low Temperature Combustion (LTC) or Premixed Charge Compression Ignition (PCCI).

AVL TABKIN™ interacts natively with AVL FIRE™ and is available as plug-in module for leading 3rd party CFD codes.

The Added Value

  • Improved speed and predictivity of combustion CFD simulations

  • 50% reduction of cost-per-useful-answer (est.) in CAE Management

  • Reduced number of hardware prototypes and shorter time-to-market

  • Available as plug-in to leading 3rd party CFD codes