Foresee your solution

AVL VR Technology™

Explore, interact and frontload your decisions

Virtual reality is revolutionizing the way companies do business, and AVL is the first test bench supplier to offer this technology. With our VR Technology, you can experience our products and individually customized solutions without even leaving the office.

It enables you to get an understanding of the size and layout of our devices and how they are connected. Furthermore, it allows you to see for yourself which systems would be most relevant to your needs and requirements.

AVL’s 3D Solution
A new area in the updating and migration of existing testbeds is just starting. By combining AVL VR Technology with the latest 3D scanning technology we can bring your existing infrastructure into our 3D design environment. With this method we can see what improvements, conversions and upgrades can be made to your existing test infrastructure.

Moreover, we can see what the restrictions are and where efficiencies can be gained before any real-world activities have even taken place. This ensures that when the work actually occurs, the quality will be higher, it will happen more quickly, and errors will be greatly reduced.

With AVL VR Technology we put your experience first, with a level detailed planning that differentiates us from the rest of the market. This year we will extend the technology even further and showcase this innovative tool at more than 20 trade fairs worldwide.

Key Benefits

  • Foresee your solutions long before they are built
  • Make fast decisions and prevent unnecessary project loops
  • Train staff at the earliest project phase with minimized costs
  • Collaborate in real time from anywhere on the globe