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AVL Customer Services for Testing Solutions

At AVL we understand the importance of the availability and usability of equipment and devices throughout the product lifecycle. The delays caused by operational downtime can be extremely costly.

We aim to reduce the total cost of ownership and increase the availability and accuracy of test equipment. In this way AVL Customer Services for Testing Solutions helps to avoid the unplanned costs and reduces test repetitions caused by inaccurate equipment.

How we do it:

Worldwide, the AVL support infrastructure consists of more than 700 service employees working in more than 50 locations. 14 Hotlines guarantee access to AVL expert help and the AVL CARE™ Service Solution manages services for more than 1400 testbeds.

In addition:

  • AVL operates more than 240 of its own testbeds at 17 different locations
  • AVL resident teams maintain, support and operate more than 1500 testbeds at customer sites
  • AVL assistance offers application support that can reduce testing time by more than 70% by using the right calibration methodology and infrastructure. A tailored service concept can boost utilization rates to more than 80% and technical availability to more than 97%

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AVL Service Modules

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At AVL your goal is our focus and we strive to understand your everyday challenges, needs, processes and tasks at each point of the in-use phase....

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AVL Managed Service Contracts

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AVL Managed Service Contracts are comprehensive, long-term service partnerships, tailored to individual customer needs and your specific testing...

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Product-related technical support What is the AVL Hotline Support? The AVL Hotline Support service provides fast telephone and email support for...