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When looking into your application and measurement problem, independent if it is the measurement of fuel, the conditioning of some media like water or air or the fulfillment of legislative norms like the measurement of some limited emission gas components, then a reliable and proven test solution is a must.

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Driven by the desire to address new application areas, AVL has focused its wide expertise and experience in the field of combustion analysis into a single data acquisition platform: AVL X-ion™

PLUtronize beyond limits

AVL PLUtron™

Fuel flow meter

AVL PLUtron™ will be available soon. Request the AVL PLUtron™ Solution Sheet here.
AVL provides comprehensive instrumentation solutions for the consumption measurement of fuel, intake air mass, blow by, oil and urea on the engine test bed as well as for in vehicle fuel consumption measurement.
Actuators and robot systems are used to operate throttle pedals, gearboxes and clutches corresponding to the hands and feet of the driver.
Complete combustion analysis platform covering pressure and optical signal measurement and conditioning, data acquisition and online and offline data evaluation - all crank angle based and cycle per cycle!
AVL Dynamometers are representing the load system in testbeds with highest robustness and dynamic beside highest measurement accuracy. Engineered to meet application requirements of combustion engine testing, powertrain testing and E-motor testing. Our product families are optimized to meet different testing tasks like R&D, Calibration, HD Engine Certification and End of Line. The power ranges cover small off-road engines up to 2 stroke ship engines (10kW – 140,000kW).
New regulations and the high competition in all major leagues lead to a permanent quest for innovations and new solutions. Based on the long history in technology leadership for powertrain engineering, testing and simulation, AVL offers dynamometers for different engines and test procedures for Racing Testing. High measuring accuracy and dynamic control are a must for AVL.