When looking into your application and measurement problem, independent if it is the measurement of fuel, the conditioning of some media like water...

PLUtronize beyond limits

AVL PLUtron™

Fuel flow meter for close-to-engine application, component, engine and vehicle testing

With AVL PLUtron™ AVL provides unique fuel consumption measurement technology for the entire engine development process – from component testing,...
AVL provides comprehensive instrumentation solutions for the consumption measurement of fuel, intake air mass, blow by, oil and urea on the engine...

Cost-efficient solutions

Actuators for Engine and Powertrain Testbeds

Powerful actuators that fulfil customer demands

Actuators and robot systems are used to operate throttle pedals, gearboxes and clutches corresponding to the hands and feet of the driver.
Complete combustion analysis platform covering pressure and optical signal measurement and conditioning, data acquisition and online and offline...

The heart of development

AVL Dynamometers

A range of solutions for every use case

The heart of any automotive development and testing infrastructure is the testbed. At AVL our dynamometers and load systems represent the...

Get the optimum out of your racing applications

Load Systems for Racing Testing

Driving technology to first place

AVL delivers comprehensive solutions, instruments and test systems as well as associated services for the motorsport and high performance industry....

Measure and control

AVL GCA – Gas Exchange and Combustion Analysis Software

Advanced software for the optimization of IC-engine processes

AVL GCA is a highly sophisticated software tool for the thermodynamic analysis of internal combustion engines. As both a ‘virtual sensor’ and a...

Fast set and reliably controlled

AVL ConsysAir

Intake air conditioning

The precise adherence to predefined values for intake air temperature, humidity and pressure significantly improves the stability of the engine`s...

Best quality and highest efficiency

AVL ConsysBoost

Boost air conditioning

AVL offers two standard sizes of the AVL ConsysBoost for precise boost air conditioning with an industrial air/water heat exchanger.
AVL offers the complete range of emission test systems for certification, development and series monitoring on engine and chassis dynamometer...

Zero-emission mobility

AVL E-Motor Design

E-motor solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Over many years AVL has become well established in the development and design of E-Motors for multiple applications. Traction motors,...
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