High Dynamic Media Control for a Reliable Reproducibility

AVL Media Conditioning

AVL Media Conditioning Systems are responsible for exact adherence of controllable parameters of the engine‘s combustion air, coolant and oil, thus allow a high reproducibility of the test runs.

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The precise adherence to predefined values for intake air temperature, humidity and pressure significantly improves the stability of the engine`s operating conditions and therefore also the repeatability of measuring results at combustion engines.
The coolant conditioning unit AVL ConsysCool is used to bring the engine coolant to a freely definable temperature and to keep it within tight limits. A coolant pressure control is optionally available.
The boost air conditioning unit AVL ConsysBoost conditions the boost air temperature at a predefined set value and keeps it within a tight tolerance range mainly for steady state and dynamic applications with constant demand values.
The oil conditioning unit conditions the engine or transmission oil temperature and supply pressure to a pre-definable set value and keeps it within a certain tolerance at steady state and dynamic operation of the unit under test (UUT).