Fast set and reliably controlled

AVL ConsysAir

Intake air conditioning

The precise adherence to predefined values for intake air temperature, humidity and pressure significantly improves the stability of the engine`s...

Coolant conditioning

AVL ConsysCool

An intermediate circuit conditioning unit for a variety of coolant media

The coolant conditioning unit AVL ConsysCool is used to bring the engine coolant to a freely definable temperature and to keep it within tight...

Best quality and highest efficiency

AVL ConsysBoost

Boost air conditioning

AVL offers two standard sizes of the AVL ConsysBoost for precise boost air conditioning with an industrial air/water heat exchanger.

A robust and reliable design

AVL Conditioning Systems

Simulate real and extreme conditions with best reproducibility

AVL Media Conditioning Systems are responsible for exact adherence of controllable parameters of the engine‘s combustion air, coolant and oil, thus...

Accurate and modular

AVL ConsysLube

Keep oil temperature and pressure under control

The oil conditioning unit conditions the engine or transmission oil temperature and supply pressure to a pre-definable set value and keeps it...

Proven and efficient solutions

AVL Vehicle Chassis Dyno TS™ Emission Certification

Comprehensive solution for light-duty emission certification

New vehicles must be tested and certified in relation to many different aspects before the operating license is issued. These aspects include, for...

Simulate your hight if too difficult to test

AVL Altitude Simulator™

High efficient and reproduceable altitude simulation on any testbed

Ensuring a dynamic engine emission development and calibration at high altitude is a big challenge. A limited number of altitude chambers puts each...

Precision, hydronized

AVL HyTron™

Accurate and safe hydrogen supply and flow measurement

During fuel cell system testing or development, an accurate, reliable and measurable supply of hydrogen is vital. With components resistant to...

Power electronics development

AVL Power HiL

A Highly efficient test method for validating power electronics