AVL Test Systems - Innovative Solutions for the Entire Powertrain

With decades of experience, AVL provides a wide range of solutions for developing and testing modern powertrain systems, from testbeds for optimizing internal combustion engines to test systems for all components in an electrified powertrain to roller testbeds for full vehicle development and testing.

Products & Services

The heart of modern powertrains was and is the combustion engine. Starting at the drawing board each engine undergoes a thorough development cycle before series production can begin. Each engine placed in today's vehicles, no matter if used on road, water or air or used a power-provider for machinery need to fulfill modern standards in emissions and comply to expectations of end users in terms of purchasing cost, performance and cost of ownership.
The challenge is to meet the latest requirements for state-of-the-art and future-oriented R & D tasks such as tests on Hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as all requirements related to frontloading: from the road to the testbed and ultimately to the simulation. The development of modern vehicles with extremely complex powertrain concepts puts high requirements on a system which masters complexity and simplifies usability at the same time.
AVL provides customer oriented solutions for the development and testing of the complete range of electrified powertrains.