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Get powered up to safely and effectively operate AVL equipment and competently perform a wide range of testing tasks.

We offer a comprehensive range of training courses from Product Trainings, Technology Seminars and additionally support you in drawing up Educations Plans tailored to your needs. Our trainings for AVL Instrumentation & Test Systems are arranged either as dedicated trainings for a single customer organization or as open trainings which are standard AVL training classes and seminars for participants made up of various customers.

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Modular amplifiers for high-end conditioning of cylinder pressure, manifold pressure, rail pressure, or timing signals for the purpose of...
Pallet systems meet customer demands for reduced unit under test changing and mounting times, thereby shortening testbed downtimes and lowering...
The AVL COMPACT I/O Cube is designed as a versatile I/O module for the test cell to allow data acquisition and control of a wide variety of I/O...
Drive shafts not only provide the connection
between the unit under test and the dynamometer
on stationary up to high dynamic test beds, they