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Highest productivity and short time-to-market

AVL e-axle systems for truck & bus

E-axle development for urban truck & bus - from system specification to SOP

AVL develops fully integrated e-axle systems for commercial vehicles. The compact packaging of all e-drive components (e-motor, transmission and inverter) provides maximum flexibility for the vehicle packaging. In addition, the e-axle improves the system efficiency.

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The Challenge

Zero-emission and zero-noise legislation

  • Which new vehicle concept supports me in achieving zero-emission transport?
  • How can we achieve zero-emission transport at limited development and product cost?
  • Is there a system already available for low volumes?
  • Is there a modular system that allows the re-use of sub-systems for different applications?
  • Which driving ranges can be achieved?

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The AVL Solution

AVL develops fully integrated e-axle systems for trucks and buses, as well as modular family concepts covering different applications. All design stages of all e-axle components (e.g. e-motor, power electronics, transmission and axle body) are supported by in-house CAE. Beside the development of high-performance components, AVL also integrates supplier components - if required. The system integration is supported by a comprehensive testbed portfolio – for the individual components as well as the entire system.

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The Added Value

  • The existing e-axle concepts facilitate smallest packaging and highest system performance as well as low number of vehicle interfaces that enable highest vehicle packaging flexibility and system reliability.
  • The modular arrangement of the e-axle components enables an individual adaptation to customer’s vehicle boundaries (family concept possible) and ensures lowest product cost
  • Short time-to-market and low development costs due to in-house component and system testbeds for e-motor, power electronics, transmission and the entire e-axle
  • Longest vehicle range with a given battery due to highest e-drive system efficiency
  • Reduction of system costs and weight by integrating different components into one system
  • Independence from hardware supplier section due to existing software and controls
  • E-axle released for production thanks to AVL’s validation methodology (DVP, Load Matrix, functional and durability testing on testbed and vehicle)