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AVL Smart Mobile Solutions

Maximize the Efficiency of In-Vehicle Development

AVL Smart Mobile Solutions are tools designed to be used in vehicle testing and calibration activities making use of the existing test setup, intuitively and on portable devices.

While much of the vehicle development process is frontloaded onto the testbed, simulations or both, 40% of testing activities still take place in-car. With the growing number of new technologies such as hybridization and electrification bringing additional complexity, as well as increasingly stringent legislative demands, these activities require a vastly increased test effort.

Our Smart Mobile Solutions tackle this challenge to make life easier for the test engineer. Requiring no additional hardware, they slot into your existing test infrastructure. Connecting directly with INCA, ATI and CANape systems and supporting CAN, XCP and CCP for maximum device compatibility, the applications feature touch-screen control for increased usability and driver safety.

Suitable for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles, two different packages are available depending on your requirements.

The RDE Package

Allowing one-click route generation based on predefined start and end points, map functionality and data, the RDE Package enables routes to be exported to mobile devices for real-time route guidance.

Online evaluation and visualization of RDE test criteria allows the test engineer to adjust their driving to meet predefined requirements such as speed, driven distance, dynamic behavior and trip share. An RDE calibration cycle – or part of it – can be re-run if necessary, and the system will guide the driver to follow the desired speed and give instructions on when to shift.

Based on a right-first-time principle the system increases test compliance and reduces the need for re-testing. When we trialed the package with ten engineers test validity increased by up to 20%. This translates to a saving of approximately 1500 hours of manpower and prototype usage.

The Calibration Package

Designed to make life easier for the driver, the Calibration Package features Maneuver Assistance and Calibration Assistance, and can be used with both passenger cars and commercial vehicles.

Maneuver Assistance enables maneuver editing, the creation of a maneuver library, and the setup of maneuver sequences or ‘playlists’. Featuring audio-visual feedback, touch screen functionality and automatic evaluation and reporting, this package has been created with ease-of-use in mind.

The result is that a single, less experienced driver can conduct test maneuvers with a smaller tolerance margin, as the system quick identifies and visualizes deviations. Without the need for a co-driver, this can dramatically cut manpower – for example, 10 validation loops require 240 less man hours with this package.

Calibration Assistance is easy to configure and enables the preparation of a set of variables before the test begins. The calibration software allows different parameter combinations to be set at different times – something that is not possible to do manually –and it also features a configurable trigger to automatically start at a predefined time.

Calibration assistance can reduce 25% of cold starts which, if you consider 100 cold starts a year, can results in savings of 200 hours of manpower and prototype usage.

We are constantly improving our products and services, and our Smart Mobile Solutions are no exception. We already have a range of new features planned, including a Simulation Package, which will make this an even more dynamic solution for test engineers.